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To The Moms Who Feel Like Their Children Are Growing Up Way Too Fast

To The Moms Who Feel Like Their Children Are Growing Up Way Too Fast

It feels like yesterday when you first held your baby in your arms, right? She was so small, so fragile. Now, you look at her adorable smile and those two little teeth she’s showing off, and you can’t believe how fast she’s grown right in front of your eyes.

It seems like she discovers something new about herself every day, and it’s so fascinating for both of you. No matter how much you enjoy watching her grow into a healthy toddler, it’s okay if you can’t help but feel a bit sad that she no longer needs you as much as she used to.

Now, she’s close to taking her first steps on her own. You see it in her eyes when she’s building up the courage to let go of your hand or to stand without holding onto the table. She’s getting more and more confident, and I know you couldn’t be more proud of her.

It seems like she grows overnight, doesn’t it? It’s so enchanting, seeing her figure out something that’s been a challenge for her only a couple of days ago. Celebrate all her little victories, mamma! They’re not as small as they seem.

To The Moms Who Feel Like Their Children Are Growing Up Way Too Fast

Before you know it, she’ll be running around on her own, asking dozens of questions about that one particular thing she finds interesting. You probably never gave much thought to that worn-out they-grow-up-too-fast mamma talk – not until you became a mom yourself.

Now you see exactly what they mean. It’s okay if you don’t feel as excited as you thought you’d be to watch her grow. It doesn’t mean you’re not proud of her, or that you don’t fall in love with her all over again with every little laugh that escapes her cute mouth.

You celebrate her every “first,” but there’s still this part of you that’s sad to see her baby grow. You’ll miss her falling asleep on your chest, holding your hand when standing, or calming down to the sound of your heartbeat.

Remember, it’s okay to feel this way.

To The Moms Who Feel Like Their Children Are Growing Up Way Too Fast

No one doubts your love, mamma. No matter how old your little one gets, you’ll love each and every phase of her life. Still, you’ll always remember these days as one of the most beautiful periods of your life.

You’ll go back to the first time you heard her say “mama,” the first time she smiled at you, the first step she took without holding your hand. Watching your baby grow is a bitter-sweet feeling. It reminds you that one day, she’ll walk this earth on her own.

Although you’re excited to see her do amazing things in life, there’s a part of you that wishes she could stay your little baby forever. Just remember, though: That baby will always be there. You’ll see her every time you look into her beautiful eyes.

There are so many things to look forward to, so don’t feel sad about the future. If anything, it may become even easier for you. Think about it – no more dirty diapers, no more sleepless nights, and no more toys all over your living room. Both of you will get to enjoy life together, freely.

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You now have a best friend forever. Someone who will always be by your side, through good and bad. You’ll lift each other up, make beautiful memories together, and help each other grow. How wonderful is that?

Once you move past this feeling of sadness that your little one won’t be a baby forever, you’ll see that there’s something so beautiful about growing up. You’re blessed to watch this incredible little human grow, learn, and become the best person you know.

Imagine how proud you’re going to be on her first day of school, when she graduates, or when you see her walk down the aisle. You’ll remember all her little firsts, and see that life is full of them – and you get to be a part of it all!

Despite its ups and downs, life is a beautiful journey, and you should be happy that your baby gets to live through it all. No matter how old she gets, she’ll always have her mamma. Her rock, her pillar, her strength.

To The Moms Who Feel Like Their Children Are Growing Up Way Too Fast

The person who was there for her first words and held her when she made her first steps. The woman who told her she was okay every time she fell, brushed her off, and helped her stand up again.

You’ll see, those things will never change. There will be moments when you’ll still hold her hand when she needs support, or help her get back on her feet when life knocks her down.

For now, enjoy these precious memories you’re making with your little one. Savor every moment, and be present with your baby. These are the days you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

To The Moms Who Feel Like Their Children Are Growing Up Way Too Fast