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To All The Exhausted Moms: I Know You’re Doing Your Best

To All The Exhausted Moms: I Know You’re Doing Your Best

Hey, mamma. How are you feeling today? Exhausted from the sleepless nights, constantly watching over your bub, and never having time for yourself, right? Don’t worry, all of this will pass.

Still, I understand how hard this may be for you. You want to be there for your baby as the best version of yourself. Filled with energy, ready to play and explore the world with her. But sometimes that seems almost impossible.

When all you want to do is lie down and sleep the day away, it can be hard to put your energy into anything else besides keeping yourself awake and getting through another day. I’m here to tell you that’s completely okay.

You’re enough for your baby. No matter how you’re feeling, what you’re doing – you’re enough. Simply hearing your voice and feeling your presence is enough to make your little one feel safe and loved.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re still human. Giving birth doesn’t mean you suddenly get superpowers. Your body needs rest, maybe even more than it used to. Don’t punish yourself for it.

To All The Exhausted Moms: I Know You're Doing Your Best

It doesn’t make you any less of a good mother. You’ve been fighting hard. You want to feel rested and energized, but it’s only been making you even more exhausted. Feeling burnt out is a sign you need to rest. Don’t ignore it.

Your baby needs a healthy mom. Don’t let anyone make you feel like needing rest and taking a break is wrong, or that you need to earn some time for yourself. Those expectations are extremely toxic – they can damage your mental and physical health.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t make yourself feel bad for the way your body feels. It doesn’t make you a bad mom. If anything, it makes you a good one. You’re thinking about your health so that your baby can have a strong parent by her side.

Prioritize not only your baby but yourself, too. Forget about cleaning your home late at night when your little one is finally asleep. Don’t say “yes” to everything when you’d rather stay home and use that precious time you have to rest.

Instead of listening to others, listen to your body. You’re the only person who knows what’s best for you and your baby. Motherhood is the perfect time to get rid of the belief that other people deserve your time and attention more than you do.

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To All The Exhausted Moms: I Know You're Doing Your Best

But you should also let go of the guilt that comes with it. You may feel bad for taking a nap instead of cleaning while your baby is napping, or for asking your husband to look after the baby because you feel your body giving up.

This isn’t a sign of weakness, mamma. It’s a sign of strength. You’re fighting against the expectations of society, and the pressure you’ve created for yourself. Rest can be productive, too, especially for moms.

Asking others for help, using every chance you get to rest, and prioritizing your needs over the urge to please others – that’s what makes you a good mother, whose main focus is being strong and healthy for her baby. You’re setting the right example for your little one.

Listen, it’s no secret that being a mom is exhausting. Don’t hesitate to reach out. I know you feel like you need to do everything by yourself, but that’s far from the truth.

The people who care about you will be happy to jump in and help. Trust me, everyone wants to spend some time with your adorable baby.

To All The Exhausted Moms: I Know You're Doing Your Best

Call your sister, friend, or mom, and ask them to look after your bub for a bit. And don’t do it just when it’s time to deep-clean your home. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking someone to watch your kid for a few hours so you can get some rest.

If you feel like your partner could do a bit more, talk to him. Be open about the way you feel and what you expect of him. Parenthood is a shared experience, and you shouldn’t be alone in this. Share your duties, spend an equal amount of time with your child, and give each other some time to rest.

Just know that you’re doing your best. Even if it doesn’t feel like it now, you carry a lot of strength in you. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to prioritize yourself in a world where you’re expected to act like a machine.

Most importantly, you’re teaching your baby to act the same once she grows up. You’re her only role model, so think about the message you’re teaching her when you tell her you’re tired and that you’re going to get some rest.

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To All The Exhausted Moms: I Know You're Doing Your Best

You’re teaching her the importance of self-care and that her needs are important. You’ll teach her she shouldn’t give in to the expectation of others and she should resist the urge to people-please. What an incredibly valuable lesson she can learn from you!

You wouldn’t want her to spend her days overworking, putting other people first, and never taking care of herself, would you? Well, why do you do it, then? Teach by example, and you’ll be the best mom she could ever ask for.

The one who prioritizes health and rest, and the one who wants to be there for her baby as the best version of herself. Rest, mamma. Learn to do it guilt-free, because there’s nothing wrong with being human.

This is a long and challenging period, and your baby needs you through all of it. You’re important. You’re valuable and strong. Never undermine your worth, and never compare yourself to other people.

Your experiences, needs, and feelings have nothing to do with those of other moms. Some women need more rest, and that’s totally fine. No one said being a mom is easy, and no one expects you to enjoy every second of motherhood.

It’s okay to admit it’s hard. It’s okay to take some rest, and it’s okay to prioritize yourself. It will make all the difference.

To All The Exhausted Moms: I Know You're Doing Your Best