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Can Babies Sense Pregnancy? Is There Really A Sixth Sense?

Can Babies Sense Pregnancy? Is There Really A Sixth Sense?

There’s an old tale that your baby can sense when you’re expecting another child. Some moms fully believe their little ones can feel that there’s a baby growing inside of them even before they know it. I have to wonder – can babies sense pregnancy, or is that just a myth?

Does your baby have superhero senses you’re not aware of? It seems like she can feel when you’re sad, angry, or happy, so why wouldn’t she feel when you’re carrying her sibling, too? It might finally be time to learn the truth, and put an end to this burning debate…

There have been studies that show that babies do have some heightened feelings of empathy and that they’re really good at judging character! I can’t help but wonder… What is it that makes them so good, when sometimes we struggle with these things, too? Do they have a sixth sense we’ve lost as we grew up?

It’s time to figure out if babies can sense pregnancy. Is it all just a myth? If it’s really just an old tale, what is it that made you believe your baby can sense their sibling long before you knew? Let’s get right into it.

Can babies sense pregnancy before you?

Can Babies Sense Pregnancy? Is There Really A Sixth Sense?

You spend almost every moment of your life with your little bub. You know her better than anyone, so you notice even the slightest changes. But, don’t forget that she can notice changes in you, too! You’re her favorite person, after all! So, can babies sense pregnancy, really? Do they know their moms that well?

It sure is adorable to think about your baby being able to sense her sibling long before you do your pregnancy test. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend you rely on that too much… Although our little rays of sunshine have some heightened senses, they’re still developing most of their other ones.

One thing is undeniable though – your toddler can start acting strangely once you’re pregnant. Strange enough that there have been studies about this phenomenon! There is no proper evidence that can support this claim, unfortunately. But who am I to stop you and your motherly instincts?

According to science, it’s more likely that your baby is reacting to your mood changes, rather than their sibling growing in your tummy. She might behave differently simply because she’s noticing changes in you, so she tries to understand them.

She might become clingy, cry more, or worry because she might think you’re sick. All of these are her reactions to your body and mood changing, and the stress you feel has an impact on her, too.

Although your baby might not know you’re pregnant right away, there are some things she can do that might make you believe that babies can sense pregnancy.

Why you might believe your baby can sense pregnancy

So, according to science, the answer to “can babies sense pregnancy” is a fairly resounding no. If there are no pieces of evidence that can support it – it’s probably not true. Still, something made you believe your baby has a sixth sense. In case this is just a myth, then what is it that made you wonder if your baby has special abilities?

As I mentioned – you spend almost every moment with your little one. It’s only natural that you notice even the smallest changes in the way she acts around you! It’s what makes you such a good mom.

Most of the time it’s simply your baby reacting to changes in you, or you’re looking way too deeply into her simply acting like a toddler. Here’s what might make you think you have a superhero baby.

1. She wants a sibling

Almost every toddler wants a sibling at one point. I remember when I begged my mom for a sister like she can just walk into a store and get one. I always hoped and prayed she was pregnant, until one day she told me she really was!

There will come a time when your toddler will probably want a sibling who they can play with. She’ll be persistent about it, too! It’ll probably become everything she talks about, so you’ll say you’re doing everything you can to make it happen soon. Even if it’s just to make her stop talking about it…

This will make her believe she’ll have a new sibling soon, which is why she’ll always look for clues you might be pregnant. Don’t be surprised if she even starts acting like you really are! There’s a high chance she might hug you, hold your tummy, or be more gentle with you.

Because of these changes in her behavior, you might think she can sense you’re pregnant, and she might truly believe you’re carrying her baby sibling. If you believe in manifestation – you might want to do a pregnancy test, just in case.

2. She’s the first one who noticed physical changes

Can Babies Sense Pregnancy? Is There Really A Sixth Sense?

In case you really are pregnant, but you haven’t told your toddler yet – there might be a chance you won’t even have to. There’s no one on this planet who knows you better than your little bub. She feels what you’re feeling, and she even notices the smallest changes in the way you look.

She spends so much time hugging and cuddling her momma that she knows your body better than you do! Let’s not forget, she’s probably at eye level with your tummy, too. When your bump starts showing – she’ll be the first to notice it.

For toddlers, it’s easy to connect the dots. If their mommy is gaining weight – she’s probably carrying a baby in her tummy. Let’s not forget that your little one is constantly in your face and chest, too. If there’s even the slightest chance you’ve gained weight, you best believe she’ll notice it.

In case you’ve gained a bit of weight over the holidays, don’t be surprised that your toddler suddenly started rubbing your belly. This might make you think you’re pregnant, so you’ll start wondering if your bub is sensing something you don’t know when, in fact, you’ve just had too many cookies over the last couple of weeks.

3. She overheard your conversations

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that babies are like little walking sponges that absorb everything in their surroundings. You’d think your little one can’t hear or understand what you and your husband are talking about, but you best believe she’s got her little ear ready to hear it all.

If she suddenly asks you if she’s going to have a baby sibling even though you haven’t told her yet, it might make you wonder if babies can sense pregnancy. Sorry to break it to you but, there might be a more logical explanation behind this.

Although it’s cool to think that your baby has superhero powers or some kind of sixth sense, she’s probably just really good at listening to her parents. Think about it – was she anywhere near you when you told your husband that your period was late?

Simply hearing the magic words “pregnant” or “baby” can be just enough for her to put two and two together. Soon enough, she’ll realize she’s going to be a big sister! Because of that, she might start acting differently, or even be straightforward and ask you if there’s a baby growing inside your belly.

4. Your baby can sense your moods

Can Babies Sense Pregnancy? Is There Really A Sixth Sense?

You’re connected to your baby more than you realize, mama. There’s a very good reason why you need to avoid unnecessary stress during and after your pregnancy. Your little bub can feel it all, no matter how hard you try to hide your emotions…

I don’t have to remind you how crazy your hormones were during your first pregnancy. You remember that better than anyone else (except maybe your husband). Toddlers can sense the slightest shifts in the mood when it comes to their moms.

During pregnancy, your emotions might be all over the place. You’ll feel overly excited, sad, and stressed – all in the span of an hour. Although you probably won’t even notice it at first, your little bub will pick up on your mood swings before you do. Because of that, her behavior will change, too.

It might be the first change you notice in the way she acts around you. Once you find out you’re pregnant, you might start asking yourself “Can babies sense pregnancy?” In reality, she only sensed some sort of shift in your mood and didn’t know how to react accordingly.


Unfortunately, babies can’t sense pregnancy. However, they can notice pretty much every symptom even before you do! Naturally, this might make you believe that your baby really has a sixth sense you weren’t aware of. That’d be really cool, I have to admit…

In reality, however, your little one just knows you better than you think. She feels what you feel and knows every part of your body. Plus, she’s really good at listening to the conversations happening in another room. No matter how secretive you and your partner are – she’ll hear what she wants to hear.