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How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need? (Plus 3 Popular Alternatives)

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need? (Plus 3 Popular Alternatives)

Every mom understands the importance of baby wipes. But you’ve probably wondered, “How many baby wipes do I need?” You never seem to have enough of them!

They’re a quick fix when your baby starts eating solid food and gets it everywhere, and don’t even get me started on the never-ending journey of diaper changes. In short, you need a lot of wipes. Probably more than you think.

I assume you have a pack in every room, and if you’ve already traveled with your little one, then you know baby wipes are one of the things you simply can’t go without. You’ve probably even caught yourself using them more now that you carry a pack with you everywhere you go.

And, if you’re reading this because you’re expecting your little one soon: Stock up on the wipes. Trust me, you may think you’ve got enough packs for now, but I promise you’ll be surprised. Buying in bulk is a lot cheaper, too, so my honest recommendation is to get as much as you can right away.

I can practically hear you saying “So how many baby wipes do I need!?” after reading all of this, and I’ll get right to the case. I’ll use all my modest math knowledge to calculate it for you. Spoiler alert: You’ll probably want to know some baby wipes alternatives after this, too.

How many baby wipes do I need per day?

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need PLUS 3 Popular Alternatives

Let’s start with the basics here: how many wipes do you need per day? Every newborn is different, so there’s no one-answer-fits-all. In case you’re reading this because it seems like you’re using way too many wipes now that your little one is here, I have some encouraging news for you…

As your baby grows older, the number of baby wipes you use reduces! The first few months are the most challenging when it comes to cleaning dirty diapers. Don’t be surprised if the number of baby wipes you use seems alarming. After all, a typical newborn requires 10-12 diaper changes per day!

After a few months, that number reduces, and so does your need for the magical wipes. Until you understand your baby’s body fully, I recommend you stock up well and be prepared for everything.

If this is your first baby, you’ll probably use a lot more baby wipes until you get a hang of cleaning her bottom. For simple wet diapers, you won’t need more than one baby wipe, but for dirty ones, be prepared to use up to 5 until you master the skill of cleaning her.

So, let’s do the math. Let’s say you have to change 6 wet diapers and 6 dirty ones, that’s around 35-40 wet wipes per day! It probably seems like a lot, but worry not. As you get better at it and as your baby grows older, that number will change.

How many baby wipes do I need per month?

As a mom to a newborn, I’m pretty sure you have no time (or nerves) to deal with math, too, so I’ll do my best to spare you. If you’re wondering how many baby wipes you’ll need per month, I already got my calculator out.

Let’s follow the same logic as before… If you use 35 wipes per day, that rounds up to about 1000-1100 wipes per month. If you use a pack of 50 wipes, that’s around 20 packs per month. No one said having a baby will be easy on the wallet!

I’m happy to remind you that this only applies to the first few months of your bub’s life. After that, you’ll need significantly fewer wipes, which your pocket will be more than happy about! To save some money, buying in bulk will turn out cheaper than buying single packets every few days.

How many baby wipes is that in a year?

So… How many baby wipes is that in a year? I like the way you’re thinking, mamma! You want to be ready for everything. I can imagine you surrounded by lists, trying to think of everything you’ll need to keep your little one secure and happy.

Your little one will require fewer diaper changes by the time she is 6 months old. As a result, she will require fewer wet wipes, too! On average, parents use up to 150 packs of baby wipes per year.

It all depends on the baby and your own experiences, of course. Although this is just an average figure, I’m not trying to sugarcoat the truth for you… Expect to spend a lot of money on baby wipes. Because of that, I recommend you grab the sales you find, and buy the packs in bulk when you do.

Eco-friendly alternatives to baby wipes

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need PLUS 3 Popular Alternatives

If you’re a cool, environmentally conscious mom, the realization of the number of baby wipes you need probably shocked you… If you feel bad about using that many wipes, you’ll be happy to hear there are some good alternatives for them!

Plus, this can be pretty helpful when you reach the end of your pack with no backup in stock. You can either make your own wipes, or go old-school and follow in your grandma’s footsteps. Let’s see what some good and eco-friendly alternatives are out there.

1. Make your own wipes from paper towels!

There’s no better feeling than knowing you can make something from scratch, that’s good as the product you get from a store. Often, it’s even better! You also get to make something environmentally friendly. I see no cons here.

But, how on earth do you make your own baby wipes?! It’s simple and easier than you’d think. All you need are some high-quality paper towels and a container that can be properly shut and sealed.

You can use any airtight container, a zip lock bag, or even your old wet wipes box. Fold the sheets of your well-absorbing paper towel and stack them on top of each other in the container you chose. After they’re in, add some water to your container.

To make them even better, you can add a bit of lotion and some aloe! Some people recommend adding baby wash, but I’d stay away from it because you’ll need to wash it off afterward. And, just like that, you’ve got your homemade baby wipes.

Being quick and easy to make isn’t their only pro. They’re also good for the environment and your baby’s skin because they’re free of chemicals! Plus, they’re super budget-friendly, too. How could we say no to that…

2. Go old-school with washcloths

You think your grandma used to spend thousands on baby wipes and go pack after pack every few days? Of course not! Sometimes, going old-school can be the best thing you could do for the environment, including switching from baby wipes to washcloths.

So, how do you do it? Just take a washcloth and soak it in clean, warm water – and that’s it! You don’t need any fancy chemicals that are usually found in baby wipes, and this will prove it. After you’re done cleaning your bub’s bottom, you can put on a bit of cream or baby oil on her skin and she’ll be good to go!

Plus, your baby will probably enjoy the feeling of warm water rather than cold baby wipes on her skin. Wash your cloths after each use and you’ll be baby-wipe-free soon enough!

3. Make reusable fabric wipes

You can mix the best of both worlds and make reusable baby wipes, too. This process is very easy as well. The best material you can use for this little DIY project is flannel, and here’s how.

You can either get some soft flannel cloths or even cut up some from the clothes and blankets your baby has outgrown. This kind of material will be smooth and soft, which makes it ideal for your baby’s sensitive skin.

As you did with paper towels, place the small pieces of flannel into a container you can properly seal. Repeat the same process: Add some water and, for some extra care, add a bit of baby lotion or aloe gel that’s gentle on your baby’s skin.

Only this time, instead of throwing your used wipes away, you’ll throw them in a bag and wash them with the rest of your baby’s clothes. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What to avoid using as baby wipes alternatives

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need PLUS 3 Popular Alternatives

Of course, when choosing the right alternative for baby wipes, it’s important to think about some things first. Just remember: Don’t overdo it, keep things simple.

Don’t add any unnecessary extra steps. Your baby’s skin is sensitive, so the fewer products, the better. No matter what, stay away from essential oils. They can be too harsh and they’re generally not safe for newborns.

And, of course, never use any alcohol or disinfectants. Your baby doesn’t need it! Simply washing her skin with some clean water will be enough. All the extra steps can do more harm than good…