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The Battle Of Building Blocks: Mega Bloks Vs. Duplo

The Battle Of Building Blocks: Mega Bloks Vs. Duplo

We’re pretty positive you’ve caught wind of the Mega Bloks vs. Duplo battle, the battle that seems to have spurred numerous arguments for generations and generations.

Parents, teachers, and babysitters aplenty argue that Mega Bloks are the better building blocks because they’re easy to play with and they’re suitable for both younger and older children.

But, the same parents, teachers, and babysitters agree that Duplo blocks are made with higher-quality materials and better attention to detail. Whichever building blocks you’re rooting for, we’re sure that you can agree that children adore them.

Whether they’re putting them together or breaking them apart, children adore the thought of playing with Mega Bloks and Duplo blocks because both of these brands offer (and promise) the same thing – hours and hours of fun.

Building blocks have been that way even before Mega Bloks and Duplo, though. Children have been playing with some sort of blocks since the dawn of time (18th century, to be more precise).

Children have always needed something similar to what we now know as building blocks to practice fine motor skills and critical developmental skills.

And, children have been known to entertain themselves with building blocks without their parent’s supervision because building blocks are some of the safest forms of entertainment out there.

Mega Bloks and Duplo are created for babies and toddlers which means parents don’t have to get worked up about allowing them to play unattended. And, babies and toddlers are guaranteed to explore a few things while playing with Mega Bloks and Duplo.

Actually, from uncovering the world of colors and shapes to grasping things with little fingers and discovering how to build houses, castles, and towers with building blocks, both babies and toddlers are bound to have a blast.

What’s Mega Bloks?

The Battle Of Building Blocks Mega Bloks Vs. Duplo

What’s Mega Bloks? What’s Duplo? What are the advantages and drawbacks of both Mega Bloks’ building blocks and Duplo’s building blocks? We’re here to make sure you make the right decision regarding the Mega Bloks vs. Duplo battle.

While we’re doing that, we have to make an effort to get to know each company and each product a little better. Mega Blocks’ building blocks are the most prominent and popular product of a Canadian children’s toy company known as Mega Brands.

Mega Brands produces other construction toys, puzzles, and craft-based products such as Mega Construx, Mega Puzzles, Board Dudes, and Rose Art, too.

Mega Bloks’ building blocks are exactly what you think they are. They’re plastic toys that connect and offer your children endless building possibilities. They’re durable and safe, and they’re appropriate for both babies and toddlers because they’re easy to grip and easy to stack (that’s the company’s motto).

What’s Duplo?

Now, Duplo building blocks are one of the most prominent and popular products made by a company known as Lego (which we all know and love).

First things first, the OG Lego building blocks come from Billund, Denmark. Actually, the first Lego building blocks were made of wood by a man named Ole Kirk Christiansen, sometime around 1932.

And, only two years after creating the first wooden building blocks, he started a company. He named the company Lego after the Danish phrase “leg godt” which means “play well.” He made the first plastic building blocks more than ten years after that, around 1949.

Additionally, he made the company’s signature building blocks another ten years after that. And, the building blocks were patented around 1958 by Christiansen’s son Godtfred Kirk, who replaced Christiansen as the head of the company.

As for Duplo, another ten years passed before Lego came out with the Duplo building bricks to appease children who were struggling with the regular Lego bricks. Duplo bricks were made two times bigger than regular Lego bricks and were, at the same time, made appropriate for younger children to play with.

What’s there to know about Mega Bloks?

Now that we know the history behind the Mega Brands company, we can proceed to explore the advantages and drawbacks that come with Mega Bloks’ building blocks.

Whether you’re searching for a winner of the Mega Bloks vs. Duplo battle or you’re wondering whether Mega Bloks’ building blocks with be appropriate for your child, we’ve got your back.

1. Advantages

First things first, Mega Bloks’ building blocks are designed with bigger bricks which means they’re appropriate for both babies and toddlers. Sure, the age range depends on the specific style of building blocks. But, most Mega Blocks’ bricks are appropriate for children aged between 12 months to 5 years.

On one hand, you get enough diversity with Mega Bloks because they come with different color combinations, patterns, and shapes, and they offer you the possibility to purchase extra products that go with one another to keep your child entertained for longer.

On the other, you also get the possibility to choose between different themes – from Angry Bird to Hello Kitty, you can purchase Mega Bloks’ building blocks depending on your child’s interests.

And, to make everything even better, Mega Bloks are more affordable than some of the other brands (depending on the set you purchase).

2. Drawbacks

The Battle Of Building Blocks Mega Bloks Vs. Duplo

Now, we wouldn’t argue that Mega Bloks possess any drawbacks worth discussing. But, for the sake of the Mega Bloks vs. Duplo battle, we’re going to get to the nitty-gritty of what to expect when you purchase one of the Mega Bloks sets.

Mega Bloks, to everyone’s demise, aren’t as high-quality as Duplo (or even some of the other brands). Mega Bloks are made of exactly what everyone thinks they’re made of – plastic.

But, considering the fact we’re nitpicking their quality, we need to brush over the fact that they’re made with a different grade of plastic than Duplo. And, they’re made with a grade of plastic that’s not as durable as Duplo.

Mega Bloks can still endure the tyranny of your child (worry not!) But, there’s a chance you might need to supervise your children while they’re playing with them to ensure they don’t break them apart or hurt themselves. And, Mega Bloks come apart easily which seems like something to keep an eye on, too.

What’s there to know about Duplo?

Duplo blocks are actually Lego blocks, for starters. Legos have been around for ages, and they’ve been adored by babies and toddlers from the moment they were announced to the public.

Legos, whether or not you’re rooting for them, have managed to build a name for themselves, a reputation that precedes them.

As a matter of fact, Legos are favored when we’re talking about the Mega Bloks. vs Duplo battle, because they’re one of the most sought-after building blocks out there – they’re pretty much the epitome of building blocks.

1. Advantages

Oh, there are one too many advantages to mention.

For starters, Duplo building blocks are perfect for babies and toddlers because they’ve been made bigger, better, and more appropriate for unattended playdates (nobody wants to experience the harrowing misfortune of witnessing a Lego stuck somewhere within a child’s nose, right!?)

Other than that, Duplo building blocks feature different styles and themes which are entertaining to children. Of course, we need to underline the fact that Duplo building blocks are targeted at children ranging between 18 months and 5 years of age.

Additionally, we can’t brush over the fact that Legos have a reputation that makes them more popular, prominent, and wanted among children of all ages.

And, Duplo building blocks are high-quality blocks – they’re designed to stand the test of time, they’re tight-fitting to ensure they don’t come apart easily, and they’re created to serve a purpose for generations to come.

2. Drawbacks

Legos have a few drawbacks to keep an eye on, too. When you get your hands on Duplo building blocks, you’re certain you’re getting your money’s worth because of the reputation that follows Lego building blocks. But, the reputation also means you’re going to spend more money.

Now, there are ways you can change that (waiting for a sale, shopping for second-hand building blocks, etc.) But, even though you might not be bothered by the money problem, you might be bothered by the fact that Duplo building blocks are tight-fitting. Sure, that sounds like an advantage.

But, tight-fitting blocks might not be appropriate for babies and toddlers who don’t necessarily know how much pressure to apply on the building blocks.

What are the differences and similarities between Mega Bloks and Duplo?

The Battle Of Building Blocks Mega Bloks Vs. Duplo

Whether you’re planning on surprising your children with another addition to the toy room, these two brands are guaranteed to encourage your children’s creativity, further furnish their critical developmental skills, and entertain them while you’re watching your favorite TV show.

However, there are a few things to keep an eye on when choosing between the two brands. On one hand, Duplo building blocks are more secure, more hard-wearing, and made with higher quality plastic than Mega Bloks, but they’re also more expensive.

Other than that, Mega Bloks’ building blocks are appropriate for both younger and older children. On the other, Duplo building blocks are difficult to play with for children under 18 months.

Both brands of building blocks offer a variety of color combinations, shapes, patterns, and themes. Both brands promise to stimulate your children’s creativity. Which ones are better, though?

Mega Bloks vs. Duplo: Which ones are better?

Oh, you might be saddened to read that none of the brands are winners of the Mega Bloks vs. Duplo battle.

Both Mega Bloks and Duplo building blocks are guaranteed to get you your money’s worth depending on what you’re searching for, what your children prefer to play with, and how old your children are.

Whichever you decide to go with, chances are you’re going to step on one of them and wish you’d gone for something softer. We’re kidding, of course!

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