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Why Does My Baby Grab My Face? 7 Adorable Reasons

Why Does My Baby Grab My Face? 7 Adorable Reasons

With your little one’s fingers all over your eyes, cheeks, and mouth, it’s normal to wonder “Why does my baby grab my face? Is she trying to tell me something?” Does she want to poke your eye out?! We could go on listing the possible reasons, but it’s time to find out the truth…

I’m first to admit that I’m guilty of melting whenever I see my little niece doing pretty much anything. But when her little palms touch my face and she smiles at me, I turn into a puddle. I take it as a sign that she loves me, and I won’t consider anything else for an answer at those moments.

Okay, it might be because she wants to take my glasses off and chew on them… But, my heart tells me differently and I’ll listen to it! Still, maybe my little niece is the one I should listen to. After all, we want to give our little ones the world, and listening to their body language is important.

It’s time to admit it – our bubs aren’t touching our faces simply because they adore us. They’re probably trying to tell us something! Without further ado, let’s answer your question and see what this adorable grabbing action really means!

Why does my baby grab my face?

Why Does My Baby Grab My Face? 7 Adorable Reasons

I can just picture you trying to figure out why your baby grabs your face while trying to avoid your little one sticking a finger up your nose… No matter how adorable it is, I understand that you’d like to understand your bub, and I’m here to help you.

Although we like to believe that it’s their own way to hug us and give us a smooch, your baby grabbing your face can mean a lot of things. Your little explorer might find it especially interesting today, or she’s trying to tell you something. I couldn’t be more excited to help you find your answers!

1. She’s exploring

We’ve heard all kinds of bad stories about curiosity, but they’re not always that negative. Your baby being curious about the world around her is a perfect example of a happy and healthy child. Good job, momma!

Our little rays of sunshine explore the world in the most fascinating ways. Their favorite ones, however, are grabbing things and chewing on them. If your baby has a habit of grabbing your face, it might be that she’s simply exploring her favorite person in the whole world.

She’s just now beginning to learn more about her surrounding, and what better place to start than to explore the face she sees so often? She’ll probably touch your cheeks, stick a finger in your mouth, or even play with your eyelashes – and it’s adorable!

Give her some time to explore (as long as she’s not hurting you). The human face is probably fascinating to her! She’ll do this to you, your friends, and your family members. She’s simply getting to know the people that have been showering her with love all these months that she’s been here with you.

2. She’s asking for your attention

Although she probably has 110% of your attention 7 days a week, your little one might want more. Up until now, her way of getting your attention was crying the roof off of your house until you come and pick her up.

Now, when she’s older than 8 months, she’s finding new ways to make your day all about her. Oh, no, don’t think she’ll cry any less. She’ll just find other ways to grab your attention, too. One of them is by literally grabbing your face until your eyes are on her. It’s pretty effective, you have to admit.

She finally knows she has hands – and now she knows how to use them, too! She’s all grown up… Don’t get mad at her if she literally claws your face with her nails, she’s still learning.

Next time you wonder “why does my baby grab my face,” think about how much time you’ve spent with her today. Okay, let’s be real – you’ve probably just grabbed your phone to check your texts, but that’s enough for your little attention seeker. She needs your eyes on her 24/7, and she’ll let you know!

3. She’s expressing her emotions

Why Does My Baby Grab My Face? 7 Adorable Reasons

This is the one that makes me melt… Our little bubs have just as many emotions as adults do, they simply don’t know how to express them yet. They feel anger, sadness, joy, and shock. One way to express these emotions is to grab your face. Good luck figuring out what she’s trying to tell you!

If you two are playing, she might grab your face to let you know she’s happy and super excited about you two hanging out. In case she hasn’t seen you for some time, get ready to melt when she grabs your face and starts rubbing her little nose into your cheek…

Your little one’s body language will tell you everything, you just have to listen to her. She’ll express her love by looking into your eyes, grabbing your face, or simply just smiling at you.

Another reason why she’s grabbing your face might be that she’s frustrated about something and she’s trying to let you know. If you chose to ignore her crying, she might grab your face to express her tiny tantrum. She can’t control this urge, so don’t be angry with your baby.

4. She wants to feel safe and protected

I know you hate the thought of your little one being scared but, unfortunately, it happens – no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Don’t even think about that making you a bad parent! The fact she’s coming to you for protection means you’re doing everything right.

Babies often grab their moms’ faces when they’re scared. Human touch, especially the one coming from your mother, can be incredibly comforting. Your little joy can spend hours sleeping in your arms, and it’s because she feels safe with you. The moment you put her down, she wakes up.

When something frightens your little one, her first reaction will be to look for you for protection. You’re her safety, so she’ll grab your face to make sure you’re right there with her.

Next time it happens, let her know her mom is there. Hold her tight, hum in her ear, and put her head on your chest… It’s the signature mom magic.

5. It might be time for her next meal

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your bub was able to let you know when she’s hungry, hurt, or when her diapers are full? Sorry momma, you still have to wait a little longer for that. Until then, grabbing your face will be enough for her to communicate with you.

Next time your baby grabs your face, think about when was the last time she ate. Your little one has no way to tell you she’s hungry except for crying or reaching for your cheeks.

All in all, it could be that she’s letting you know it’s mealtime. This is especially common for babies who are still breastfeeding. Don’t be surprised if she grabs your shirt next – she has no time to wait!

6. She’s trying to show you something

You’re human. Sometimes you have to take your eyes off your baby and do something for yourself. It’s usually at that moment that your little explorer finds something that she wants you to see. Or she does something and she’s looking for your approval.

When she doesn’t get what she wants, she might literally grab your face and make you see what she’s been trying to show you. Don’t be surprised if she goes a step further and takes a phone from your hands.

I assume she’s older now, so she’s probably playing with toys. She’s exploring the world around you. Everything’s new for her, so that must mean that everything’s new to you, too. In her eyes, you two are one, after all.

She’ll want to show you everything, and you’ll have no other option but to look. That’s the beauty of motherhood – you get to see the world for the first time, too.

7. She’s bonding with you

Why Does My Baby Grab My Face? 7 Adorable Reasons

Next time you ask yourself, “why does my baby grab my face?” think of this. She’s simply trying to bond with you. No matter how it may seem, babies absolutely love eye contact and pretty much any kind of interaction.

When you first meet your little ray of sunshine, you look into her eyes, smile at her, and get close to her face. She’ll quickly realize that this is a way to bond with her favorite person, so she’ll do it for you, too. It’s a beautiful experience for both of you. Make sure you enjoy every second of it!