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How To Have A Belly-Only Pregnancy: Detailed Tips And Tricks

How To Have A Belly-Only Pregnancy: Detailed Tips And Tricks

So many women nowadays are wondering how to have a belly-only pregnancy. They don’t want to fall behind on their routines, nor do they want to spend months or years getting back into shape after giving birth.

Women gain weight after becoming pregnant, but a healthy weight is usually just connected to the weight of the fetus combined with the surrounding water. There’s no need for excessive weight, even though many believe that it’s natural.

Of course, during these 9 months, you’re eating for two. You can’t restrict your diet to the point where you’re putting the baby and yourself in danger. So, it’s always better to consult a doctor before you try and have a belly-only pregnancy. Especially, if you’re on a weight loss journey right in the middle of finding out that you are pregnant.

Your health and your baby’s health should always be your biggest priority. However, if you want to know more about how to maintain your shape as best as you can while staying fit and healthy, there are definitely ways to achieve that.

What is a belly-only pregnancy?

How To Have A Belly-Only Pregnancy Detailed Tips And Tricks

This term is becoming more and more popular with new mothers. A belly-only pregnancy is when the woman maintains a fit and defined body during her pregnancy, while she’s only showing because of her belly. This way, the woman makes sure that she comes to a complication-free pregnancy and labor.

Once you ensure that you’re staying fit and healthy, it’ll be much easier to bounce back into your previous shape postpartum.

Why is this even important, you may ask? I mean, you’re creating life, so why would you spend your days thinking about the way you look rather than your baby?

Well, to each their own. If you’re the type of person who couldn’t care less about herself and only cares about getting a healthy baby into the world, then good for you. However, this is a very vulnerable period for so many pregnant women.

There are so many different changes that the mind simply can’t catch up to them. Especially when we’re talking about someone who’s had body image issues from the very start or some other sort of mental health problems. Someone who’s dealing with these issues has to find the best way to cope with it.

However, there are also active women out there who like to move their bodies. I mean, we have been given this vessel to explore the world, how are we going to do that if we can’t catch our breath from walking up a flight of stairs?

This is also important considering the rise of diabetes in postpartum women. So, you can take it or leave it. However, having a belly-only pregnancy will also help you get back on your feet after you give birth so that you can be there for your baby, as well as your other children. If done correctly, this could be the best decision of your life.

How to have a belly-only pregnancy?

Firstly, you should consider talking to your doctor before you make any decisions. However, we’re here to give a detailed guide on the things you can do to make sure that only your belly is growing and that your baby is completely healthy.

1st trimester

During the first trimester, you’re probably thinking about many more things than just your body. I mean, you just found out that you’re pregnant, and now you’re experiencing all of these changes at once. You’re also developing a huge aversion to certain foods, and your morning sickness isn’t allowing you to get out of bed, let alone go for a jog.

Even though I know how hard it is, there are a couple of things that you should consider. You’ll be thankful to yourself in the long run.

Exercising should be fun, whether you’re pregnant or not. So, what you should do is make sure that it’s mostly entertaining to you. Things like Pilates, yoga, low-impact aerobics, and swimming would be absolutely perfect during this time.

Make sure to avoid sports that include close contact, or bouncing and jumping. That could be dangerous, so don’t even bring yourself to try it.

For a belly-only pregnancy, it’s also important to watch your food intake and the nutritional value of your food. As you know, you’ll have to avoid any type of alcohol, and I’d even recommend avoiding coffee. I know that you may be craving sugar, but try to avoid it as much as possible. Sugar is what keeps you from having the body that you’ve wanted to have!

Take your vitamins and supplements. Make sure that you’re eating healthy foods and give you a lot of energy. However, many women tend to get certain allergies during pregnancy, so be aware of that as well.

As long as you’re eating healthy and following your doctor’s instructions, it would help if you didn’t gain more weight than necessary during this time.

2nd trimester

How To Have A Belly-Only Pregnancy Detailed Tips And Tricks

The second trimester is usually when all the discomfort from all the morning sickness is gone, and you’re starting to get your energy back. You feel like your body is your own again, with the small changes being obvious.

However, this is also the time when you’ll get your appetite back. Women are prone to overeating and falling victim to their cravings. These things are easily manageable if you’re able to count your calories.

For example, you should eat around 350 kcal more than you did before your pregnancy. This will be enough to keep your baby healthy and nourished, while also making sure that you’re happy.

This is also the perfect time to get back into the things you loved to do before you got pregnant, however, you should still keep in mind that your belly is sensitive and that you shouldn’t go back to close-proximity sports such as boxing.

The second trimester is the perfect time to start prenatal yoga and Pilates. Walking is also a great way to get your body moving without putting too much pressure on your body. It’s also recommended that you do low-impact cardio, such as stationary cycling. But, the most important thing is to rest when you need it. Don’t overdo it!

When it comes to food, it’s best to eat around 5-6 smaller meals during the day. That way you’ll make sure that you’re not overeating, nor are you getting hungry as fast.

Choose foods that are high in protein and healthy fats. Avoid sugars that could only make you gain weight faster when they have no nutritional value at all. Stick to wholegrain, as they’ll keep you fuller and healthier.

3rd trimester

If your belly didn’t show much during the first 2 trimesters, then this is when it’ll grow enormously. Nothing to be afraid of! It’s simply the time when your baby is growing the most, as it’s preparing itself to become a part of this world.

As your baby grows, your stomach will have less space to store food. So, you’ll want to eat smaller meals that are calorie-dense, filled with proteins, but also good for your soul.

During this period it’s really important to eat anti-inflammatory foods. That way you won’t experience any bloating, and your digestion won’t become compromised.

Try as best as you can to keep up with your workout routines. If you stop working out abruptly you could get high blood pressure, your sugar levels could increase, and you could also gain a lot of weight in such a short period.

The most important thing here is to get enough sleep and to rest well. If you feel like your body is too weak to exercise then don’t make yourself suffer. You can always go for a walk around the block to keep your body moving without having to make everything hard on yourself.

Other than walking, the best exercises would be simple stretching with yoga and Pilates. Swimming is also recommended during this stage of the pregnancy. However, you should definitely incorporate pelvic floor exercises to make sure that your pelvis is strong.

The foods you’re eating should follow the amount of exercise that you’re doing. For example, don’t skip on your fruits and veggies. However, a supplement for magnesium is highly recommended, but you should talk about the dosage with your doctor.

During this time, you may want to avoid spicy foods or greasy foods, as they can cause a lot of heartburn in the third trimester. Just stick with the foods that you know are safe for you, and make you feel good.

Final thoughts

How To Have A Belly-Only Pregnancy Detailed Tips And Tricks

How to have a belly-only pregnancy? That’s what you’re asking, but all I can think about is how to keep your body fit and defined during the most stressful time of your life.

Either way, if you’re able to communicate well with your doctor, you’ll also be able to find the best course of action to bounce back from your pregnancy. You should also be able to keep your shape and energy levels, even while you’re growing a tiny human inside you.

Exercising is a great way to keep yourself healthy and busy during these 9 months, so make sure that you’re moving your body! You’ll be happy to know that these tips and tricks really do work.

How To Have A Belly-Only Pregnancy: Detailed Tips And Tricks