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My Daughter Doesn’t Wipe After Peeing: What Should I Do?

My Daughter Doesn’t Wipe After Peeing: What Should I Do?

My daughter doesn’t wipe after peeing! What on earth should I do?

First and foremost – your daughter is perfect, and you have done nothing wrong as a mother, okay? These are all normal things that girls go through as they grow up! Imagine if you had to re-learn everything, from brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and even wiping. That takes time and patience.

I understand you’re concerned about her hygiene and potential infections. It’s great that you’re doing some research to help you deal with this situation properly! You’re not alone in this, momma. Pretty much every mom who has a baby girl had to deal with this same issue.

I understand that you’re probably tired of cleaning up the mess and worried that this will become a bad habit for your baby girl. We’ll go over some ways you can teach your daughter the importance of wiping and some of the best ways she can do it!

My daughter doesn’t wipe after peeing: what do I do?

My Daughter Doesn't Wipe After Peeing: What Should I Do?

Being the good mother that you are, the thought that your daughter doesn’t wipe after peeing makes you think of ways how to help her. You shouldn’t criticize her for not doing it, but rather assist her in understanding the importance of wiping.

The first and most important thing you should do is potty-train your girl. This is no easy task, so arm yourself with a lot of patience… Some kids simply can’t seem to grasp the concept of using their potty, no matter how hard you try – but don’t give up just yet.

If your daughter is still learning to use her potty, it’s normal that these things happen, so be patient with her. Understand that this is all new to your baby girl and that she’s doing the best she can, and so are you! It might take some time for her to learn how to wipe properly, and that’s totally okay.

Start off by wiping her after she pees to help her understand that it’s something that should be done every time she finishes. Plus, it will help you keep her clean until she learns how to do it herself!

Potty-training girls and teaching them to wipe

My daughter doesn’t wipe after peeing” will become a phrase of the past once you potty-train your little girl. Let me tell you right away – it will be challenging. But don’t give up! Be persistent, patient, and keep your cool.

No matter what – don’t punish her for doing something wrong. You don’t want her to associate fear with using her potty, as that could lead to even more issues. Let’s see what’s the best way to potty-train your baby girl and teach her how to wipe properly.

1. Explain the importance of wiping

The first thing you should do when teaching your girl how to wipe is to explain why it’s so important. Don’t go all scientific on this and make it as simple as possible. Tell her it will make her clean, healthy, and even smell nice!

Your little girl probably already knows that bacteria is bad. Tell her showering, wiping, and keeping her hands clean will help her stay away from these nasties. It’s essential that you explain to her the context behind wiping.

You don’t want it to become a burden and something she has to do just because her mom told her so. It might create resistance and she’ll probably refuse to do it once you’re not there. Context is important!

2. Explain the right position

I bet you didn’t think you’ll have to learn about the right position on the toilet when trying to teach your daughter how to wipe herself. But, here we are! Teaching your child proper toilet etiquette will make her feel safer when using the toilet on her own.

What matters most is that your child’s feet are flat on the ground and her pelvis is straight. If she’s too small to reach the ground, using a stepping stool will help her get the stability she needs. This will make her feel much safer and more at ease when using the restroom alone.

She’ll be less afraid of falling into the toilet, and it will reduce the possibility of accidental spilling. You may assume that your daughter doesn’t wipe after peeing because she always appears to be wet after using the toilet, but you could be making a mistake…

There’s a high chance she’s simply not sitting properly, so it goes everywhere once she stands up. In this case, wiping won’t do much.

3. Show the right technique

My Daughter Doesn't Wipe After Peeing: What Should I Do?

All the instructions and pieces of advice you give her won’t teach her much until you show it to her yourself. Before she begins wiping on her own, you should do it for her a couple of times, first.

For girls, it’s important that they wipe from front to back, to prevent any germs from entering the vaginal system and causing infections. You can even use a doll to show it to her – it’s a great way to teach while also making it fun for her!

If your baby girl is under the age of five, you’ll probably have to wipe her yourself until she’s ready. Have patience and use this time to teach her. Every time you do it, make it feel like a fun little lesson, and I promise you she’ll remember it once she starts doing it alone.

Also, think twice before you decide to use wet wipes. Although they seem convenient, they might be more harmful than you’d think. They usually contain perfume and cleaning components that might cause inflammation.

Use a normal toilet roll and show her that she doesn’t need too many sheets to get the job done. When you’re done, show her she should always wash her hands and flush the toilet. This short and simple lesson will be enough for her to remember for the rest of her life!

Is your daughter potty-trained, but still doesn’t wipe?

If you’re out there panicking thinking “my daughter doesn’t wipe after peeing even though she’s potty-trained“, there are some things you can do to help her. To begin, consider the type of toilet paper you’re purchasing. If it’s too rough, she might refuse to use it because it causes discomfort.

You can try and freshen up her memory a little bit. In case she forgot how to wipe properly, you can show her again. Do it for her and let her repeat it to show you how she does it. That way, you can tell her how she can improve if she makes a mistake again.

Explain to her why it’s so important to wipe properly. In case she’s old enough, tell her about UTIs and bacteria that can harm her. It might scare her, but it will also make her remember to wipe the next time she uses the toilet.

Once she does it properly – reward her for it! Give her a small sticker or even a treat. She’ll be happy, and will probably do it again next time! And, of course, have patience. She’s young and learning. It doesn’t mean this habit will stick with her forever.

Maintain your cool (regardless of how many times you’ve told her how to wipe) and avoid making her feel uncomfortable. Patience is the key here!

Why is it important for girls to wipe after peeing?

My Daughter Doesn't Wipe After Peeing: What Should I Do?

If your daughter doesn’t wipe after peeing, you’re probably thinking if it’s important that she wipes herself every time. I’m here to tell you it absolutely is! I know you’re probably tired of telling her to do it, but you must stay on task and follow through!

Teaching your girl to wipe after using a bathroom will help her stay clean, fresh, and free from bacteria. Not only that, but it also helps avoid bad odors and infections.

Another important aspect of teaching your kids to wipe is the fact that it helps them develop healthy habits. If she learns that it’s okay not to wipe, she’ll probably find it okay not to brush her teeth or shower regularly. These habits could easily stick to her as she grows up.

Of course, noticing she didn’t wipe after using the restroom isn’t the end of the world, but you shouldn’t ignore it. Have a talk with her. Remind her why it’s important, and make her promise you she’ll do it the next time she pees.

Remind her of proper hygiene and go over some fundamentals with her. Tell her to brush her teeth every morning, wash her hands before and after eating, and wipe down after using the restroom. They’re basic, but they can make all the difference!

Don’t worry, mama. These things are completely normal and you didn’t fail as a parent. You’re here reading how you can help your baby girl! You want her to grow into a healthy and responsible child with healthy habits – and I couldn’t be more proud of you! She’s incredibly lucky to have you.