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Ninjamas Vs. Goodnites: Who Will Keep The Sheets Clean?

Ninjamas Vs. Goodnites: Who Will Keep The Sheets Clean?

No matter how old your little one is, she might wet her bed sometimes. If it often happens, getting nighttime diapers might be a good solution. If you’re having an internal Ninjamas vs. Goodnites debate, we’re here to help you decide what’s the best underwear for your little bedwetter.

Both of these are great choices for when you’re looking for disposable underwear that is suitable for nighttime use. Although both of them have similar features, there are slight differences between them that might make you wonder which one is a better choice.

If your little one wets the bed, don’t worry. It’s completely normal, even for children that are 5–6 years old. Even if your child is in this age group, she’ll still be able to fit into this kind of underwear.

When it comes to Ninjamas vs. Goodnites, both products are designed for light and moderate wetting, yet there are some differences in sizing and weight. Together, we’ll see what sets these products apart, but also what are some of their similarities, so let’s begin.

Why does your child need nighttime diapers?

Ninjamas Vs. Goodnites: Who Will Keep The Sheets Clean?

Although you might believe it’s just a marketing trick, there are actually distinct differences between nighttime and daytime diapers. Although both of them are made to absorb pee and keep baby’s poop in place, nighttime diapers might keep your little one dry for a longer period of time.

So, the main difference between daytime and nighttime diapers is that the ones designed for day hold pee for shorter periods of time. On top of that, as your little one grows older, she will become more active, too.

Because of that, daytime diapers are designed to be super comfy and thin, without negatively affecting their ability to absorb. But because they’re so thin, you should change them every few hours so they don’t become too soggy and start to leak.

Nighttime diapers, on the other hand, are made to be worn when your little one goes to sleep. Because they’re designed with materials that absorb a lot more, you don’t have to change them often. In fact, depending on your baby, it might be enough to change them only once during the night.

Compared to daytime diapers, the ones made for nighttime usage are a lot thicker, offering better protection from leaking. If your child is a bit older, there are some of these products that offer special features that will help you deal with this issue.

More about Ninjamas

Before we get to Ninjamas vs. Goodnites similarities, it’s important to understand what both of these products offer. Let’s start with Pampers Ninjamas disposable diapers, made by Procter & Gamble.

1. Key features

Ninjamas disposable underwear has a natural feel to it while providing great absorbency and odor masking. On top of that, they’re super stretchy, which makes them comfy enough for your baby to wear during the night.

The best part is, your child will sleep better at night without noisy diapers waking them up every time they roll over. Their QuietCloth technology made sure of that.

2. Why do you need them

This is a great choice for parents who have children that are a bit older, yet they still battle the issue of bed-wetting. This experience is a lot more uncomfortable and embarrassing for them than it is for you, so they’ll appreciate the discreet white design and their odor-masking feature.

3. Pros and cons

When talking about their pros, it’s worth mentioning how easy they are to put on. On top of that, they’re super comfortable and not even close to being bulky as some other nighttime diapers. Plus, they’re budget-friendly, too!

Just like any product, they have some cons, as well. If you’re not a fan of strong perfume smells, this underwear might not be the best choice for your little one. On top of that, it can be pretty difficult to find the right fit, so you might have to buy a couple of packages before finding the right one.

More about Goodnites

Goodnites are a product of Kimerly-Clarke, and they also offer some great features that will help you battle the issue of bed-wetting. Here are some of them.

1. Key features

Ninjamas Vs. Goodnites: Who Will Keep The Sheets Clean?

Their most important feature is the comfy design that allows your child to put them on similar to normal underwear. They offer double leak protection around the thighs and amazing absorption. Your little one might love them because they come in different colors and fun prints.

2. Why do you need them

Compared to other nighttime diapers on the market, Goodnites probably offer the most protection, making them a good choice for those who heavily wet their bed during the night. With their double protection, you won’t have to worry about cleaning a wet bed in the morning.

3. Pros and cons

Their biggest pro is the fact that they’re super-absorbent, which makes them great for all-night protection, even if your little one wets her bed heavily. Besides that, they’re easy to pull up, even for smaller children. And, the best part is, they come in more sizes for your child to try out.

The main con of Goodnites is that they’re pretty bulky, which might make your kid uncomfortable or embarrassed. Although they offer great protection, they are also pretty expensive, which can be another con for some people.

Ninjamas vs. Goodnites – differences and similarities

Now that we’ve learned more about both of these products, let’s get to the main Ninjamas vs. Goodnites battle. We’ll compare them in their size, comfort, and protection, so you can choose the ones that seem the best to you.

Although they might appear similar at first, that’s not really the case once you start learning more about them. So, without further ado, let’s see what are some possible deal-breakers.

1. Their size

One of the main differences when comparing Ninjamas vs. Goodnites is their size. While Ninjamas come in only two sizes, their opponent offers four, which will enable you to find a much better fit for your little one.

Finding the perfect fit plays a huge role when it comes to comfort and protection, which is why it’s good to have more options to choose from. Since Goodnites have 4 sizes, they’re suitable even for young kids! It’s pretty clear who’s the winner here.

2. Leak protection and absorption

While both Ninjamas and Goodnites come with great absorbency features, one goes the extra mile to help your little one stay dry throughout the night. Goodnites are designed with double leg barriers that wrap around your baby’s thighs, giving her that extra protection.

Ninjamas are not here to play, either, as their LockAway technology offers great leak protection, too. When it comes to absorbency, this product soaks any wetness pretty quickly, usually without any leakages. Because of that, Ninjamas is a good choice even for heavy wetters.

However, Goodnites might be a winner here, too. With their five-layer protection, they offer the best absorbency rate you can find. It seems like their designers made sure that you never have to deal with wet beds again, and we’re sure you’ll be forever grateful once your baby tries them on.

3. Discreetness, comfort, and odor

Ninjamas Vs. Goodnites: Who Will Keep The Sheets Clean?

Wetting their bed can make children embarrassed and uncomfortable, especially if they’re a bit older. On top of that, they might feel shy about wearing diapers, too. Because of that, finding disposable underwear that’s discreet might be a deal-breaker here.

With their QuiteCloth materials, Ninjamas feel like normal underwear, especially because they make almost no sound when your kid moves in her sleep. Not only will that make her feel better about wearing this product, but it will also help her sleep better if she’s a light sleeper.

When it comes to comfort, it seems like Ninjamas might be a winner here, too. They have a FormFit 360 waist design that makes this underwear stretchy all around, making children feel comfortable no matter the shapes of their bodies.

Goodnites also have stretchy waistbands that will fit well without causing any discomfort. However, Ninjamas are made of super breathable and discreet fabric, which will make your little one feel like she’s wearing regular underwear.

Finally, the odor might be a big issue for your little bed-wetter, too. Because of that, both products offer good odor absorption. However, since this is a Ninjamas vs. Goodnites battle, we have to pick a side.

This time, we choose Ninjamas, as they’re designed with patented OdorMask technology. If your little one is scared of smelling bad in the morning, Ninjamas diapers will make her feel fresh even if she’s wet the bed the night before.

Although both products are great, make sure you choose the one that best fits your child. Consider her age, size, and is she’s a light or heavy bed-wetter.

You won’t be making a mistake by buying any of these two products, while your little one might have a better experience with the one that best suits her needs.