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Reminder To All The Moms: Your Kid Will Only Remember How You Made Them Feel

Reminder To All The Moms: Your Kid Will Only Remember How You Made Them Feel

I was just a young kid when I was sitting under a tree in my grandma’s backyard, waiting for my mom to pick me up after work. From the moment she left me in the morning, to the moment she came to pick me up, it was all I could think about.

I’d look at the clock and wonder how much longer I have to wait to be with her again. I knew she was busy and that we’ll be together in a couple of hours, but it felt like an eternity. Until I’d hear the bell ring, and I’d rush down the stairs to see her standing in front of the door waiting for me with her open arms.

I’m in my 20s now, yet I still remember the feeling I’d get when I was finally in her arms. She’d ask me how my day has been, and I wouldn’t stop talking on our way home, despite her probably being too tired to deal with my over-the-top energy.

At that moment, I knew she was listening to me, and it made me feel like the most important person in the world. She never showed me how tired or stressed out from work she was. She made me feel like all my stories were extraordinary. I felt loved and appreciated, and those are the feelings I’ll never forget.

Many say that people will forget what you said or what you did, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. And, let me tell you one thing – it’s what I remember most about my childhood, and your kids will, too.

There’s no doubt in my mind that being a mom is tough. You have a life to take care of and a tiny human to raise. She depends on you for everything, and I know how overwhelming that can be. Don’t pressure yourself to do everything perfectly, because it’s impossible for you to do so.

Reminder To All The Moms Your Kid Will Only Remember How You Made Them Feel

I know you feel like you’re juggling a million responsibilities at once. You find yourself wishing to have a clone that could help you with cooking, cleaning, working, managing your social life, and having some time for yourself.

You do everything in your power to provide them with the life they deserve. You want to give them the world, and you won’t settle for less. It’s easy to get caught up in all of this and remember your most important role: being a mom to your kids.

Yes, they want new toys and they wish to have clothes that their friends have but, at the end of the day, these material possessions aren’t what your kids will remember when they grow up. You’ll get them new toys and they’ll forget about them in a week. However, they’ll cherish the memories you create together forever.

When was the last time you took a moment to sit down and talk to your little ones? Did you offer them comfort when they were upset, or showed them how much you love them, even on your worst days? These are the things they’ll remember forever, no matter how old they get.

Every time I remember my first heartbreak, my first school play, and all those little fights I had with my friends, I also remember that my mom was there with me through all of it. She was my rock and my biggest support. She made me feel like all of it will be okay, and I still come to her for comfort.

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I can’t think of how our house looked when I was young, or if my mom’s shirt had any stains. But I can clearly remember her dancing with my brother and me in the living room, or her and dad waking us up in the middle of the night for a surprise holiday. Do you know why? Because in those moments, I was the happiest kind in the world.

I know how easy it can be to get caught up in the stress of daily life. When you feel yourself distancing from your children, take a step back and focus on what matters the most – the relationship you have with them.

Rearrange your schedule and make time for regular activities you can do with your kids. It can be as simple as reading together or going for a walk. My first memory is of my mom reading me a bedtime story every night. For years, it was my favorite book, even though I couldn’t completely grasp what it was about.

Nevertheless, the fact that my mom read it to me was enough for me to love every page written. Every time I look at that book now, I remember her sitting on my bed and reading it to me until I fell asleep. I get the same warm feeling in my chest that I had when I was just four years old.

Those are the things your kids will remember. They’ll remember every moment you spend together, every memory you create, every little surprise you have for them. No matter what you think of yourself, your children see you as the best woman in the world.

They don’t see your flaws, and they don’t expect you to give them the world. All they need is some time with their favorite person, and it will be something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Reminder To All The Moms Your Kid Will Only Remember How You Made Them Feel

It’s the memories and your unconditional love that will stay with your children long after they grow up and have a family of their own. They’ll learn from you, and remember how important it is to be there for their children.

Teach them what it is to love their kids and how important it is to make time for them. Show them that being a mom is so much more than just buying them new clothes and working hard for them to have everything they set their eyes on.

Building a strong and loving bond with them is something that lasts for a lifetime, and trust me when I say that they’ll remember it for the rest of their lives.

Your Kid Will Only Remember How You Made Them Feel