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When To Start Eating Lactation Cookies? Do They Even Work?

When To Start Eating Lactation Cookies? Do They Even Work?

We all know how beneficial breastfeeding is for babies. As a mom, you’re probably worried about whether you’ll have enough milk for your baby. You’ve heard of many methods to increase breastmilk supply, including these seemingly magical biscuits. But the question still remains, when to start eating lactation cookies?

I’ve seen moms give their all to keep breastfeeding their babies for as long as possible. It’s a beautiful way to keep a close bond with your little one, while also being very beneficial for the baby’s health. Because of that, I understand why you’re ready to try anything to prolong it for as long as possible.

However, before you start experimenting with different methods, you should always talk to your doctor first. They’ll help you understand your body better and give you the best possible advice on how you can increase your breastmilk supply.

I get it, lactation cookies sound like a delicious solution, so I can’t blame you for wanting to try them out. However, before trying anything new, it’s important to gather as much information as possible and see if it’s a good idea to do so.

Together, we’ll find out more about lactation cookies, as well as when to start eating them. These are delicious and healthy treats, that even moms who no longer breastfeed their babies might want to keep making for themselves.

What are lactation cookies?

When To Start Eating Lactation Cookies? Do They Even Work?

As the name implies, these cookies are made of lactogenic ingredients. It is believed that they increase the woman’s hormones which directly influence the breastmilk supplies. On top of that, they’re also a great way to add nutrients to your breastmilk which your little one needs.

Lactation cookies usually contain flaxseed and brewer’s yeast, which are believed to be effective when it comes to boosting milk production. Although there hasn’t been a lot of research done regarding these delicious biscuits, some mothers have reported positive changes in their breast milk supplies.

However, if you’ve noticed you have low supplies, these cookies might not be able to solve the issue. For a more efficient, long-term solution, it’s best to reach out to your doctor or a lactation consultant.

What are lactation cookies made of?

Before we get to answering the question of when to start eating lactation cookies, it would be a good idea to learn what they are made of, first. Luckily, all of the ingredients are pretty healthy, which means eating these cookies can’t be a bad idea, even if they don’t do much for your supplies.

A healthy snack, that helps with your milk supplies, while also tasting good? Count us in! There are four main ingredients in these cookies: flaxseed, oats, fenugreek, and brewers yeast. Let’s see what are some benefits of each of them.

  • Flaxseeds are a great way to add some omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. They’re important for both you and your baby, so you really can’t go wrong here. On top of the fatty acids, these seeds also have lignans, which are known to increase mothers’ breast milk supplies.
  • It feels like oats are a part of every healthy treat, and for a good reason. They’re filled with iron and beta-glucan, both of which stimulate milk production in women.
  • Fenugreek has been used to deal with the issue of low breast milk supply. It boosts the growth of mammary cells which, as a result, increases the milk supply.
  • Often used for baking, Brewer’s yeast is filled with B vitamins and chromium, both crucial for proper milk production.

When to start eating lactation cookies?

So, now that you know how to make them, there’s one more thing you want to know. When to start eating lactation cookies?

They sound delicious, so I’m not surprised that you want to try them out as soon as possible. After all, how often do you find a snack that tastes good while also being healthy for you?

The good news is, you can start eating these cookies whenever you feel like it! It’s not required for you to eat them, so it’s pretty safe to start and stop consuming them whenever feels right. Of course, before you munch on these, we recommend you talk to your doctor so they give you the green light.

1. You can start during pregnancy

Although it’s not necessary, there’s no harm to try these cookies out if you crave them during pregnancy, or you’d like to start working on your breastmilk supplies. However, whatever you decide to change in your diet during this period, it’s important to consult your doctor first.

Eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients should be just enough for your body to produce enough milk at this stage. However, since there’s no harm in trying them, why not give them a go? We all know how hard it is to resist pregnancy cravings…

2. Postpartum is a great time to start

The best time to start eating them is when your baby is going through a growth spurt, especially if you’ve noticed your milk supplies starting to go low. Growth spurts occur at different periods of your baby’s life, including 2-3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months.

During this time, you’ll notice your baby might want to eat more frequently, which might be hard for you to keep up with your breastmilk supplies. A lot of mothers feel like their bodies aren’t producing enough milk during their baby’s growth sprouts, so they look for ways to boost their milk production.

3. There’s no specific time of the day when you should eat them

When To Start Eating Lactation Cookies? Do They Even Work?

If you’re wondering when to start eating lactation cookies during the day, we can’t give you the exact answer. You can eat your cookies as a snack in the morning, or snack on them throughout the day. You can even eat them before bed! Do whatever feels right to you, that’s the best we can tell you.

How long do lactation cookies take to work?

It all depends from mother to mother. Some women don’t even notice any changes in their milk production, while some notice them shortly after eating. On top of that, it depends on the ingredients you use, too.

For example, oats can boost your milk production in no longer than one to two hours. However, this doesn’t last for too long, so it’s best to feed your baby when you feel the change. Fennel, on the other hand, takes a lot longer. Sometimes it can take up to 3 days before you notice any differences.

Fenugreek also takes a couple of days to work, while flaxseeds can take even a week. So, for the fastest results, make your cookies rich in oats, while other ingredients will help you notice the change in days to come.

How often should you eat lactation cookies?

There isn’t a precise answer to how often you should eat them. That completely depends on your body and what kind of lactation cookie you’re eating.

For example, if you’re buying ones from the store, there’s usually a serving size recommendation on the packaging that you can follow. Usually, they recommend eating two to three cookies per day.

If you’re eating your homemade cookies, pay attention to the nutritional value of your little treat. Since lactation cookies contain fat and sugar, we don’t recommend eating more than 3 per day.

This won’t negatively impact your desired results, so don’t worry. Eating them in moderation will help you control your calorie intake and help you avoid any possible side effects that could come with them, such as weight gain or oversupply.

Possible side effects of lactation cookies

Although all of the ingredients in lactation cookies are healthy, some of them can cause some side effects. Here’s what you should pay attention to:

  • Because these cookies are rich in fiber, they can cause some stomach issues such as diarrhea, gas, or constipation. To avoid this, make sure to drink plenty of water to balance it all out.
  • Yes, these cookies are healthy, but that doesn’t mean they’re super low on calories. If you eat too much, you might start noticing you started to gain weight. Although gaining weight is inevitable during pregnancy, it’s still good to pay attention to how much you eat.
  • It’s possible that your body makes more milk than you’d want it to, so there’s a chance you experience oversupply. Don’t create more problems than you’ve had before, so go easy on the cookies!
  • Some people might experience headaches when consuming brewer’s yeast. If you’ve eaten it before and you’ve never had any side effects, you should be okay.

Will lactation cookies affect the baby?

If you plan on eating lactation cookies during pregnancy, it’s normal to wonder whether or not they’ll affect your baby. Although there’s no particular reason or ingredient that could harm your little one, we recommend you talk to your doctor first before making any changes in your diet or trying any new foods.

For people who are allergic to yeast or suffer from diabetes, brewer yeast can be pretty harmful. Although lactation cookies contain a small amount of this ingredient, we still don’t recommend eating them if you’re aware of your allergies.