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New Parent Presents: 14 Gifts That Are Actually Practical

New Parent Presents: 14 Gifts That Are Actually Practical

Congrats, you know someone who’s expecting a bundle of cuddles pretty soon and you’re struggling to figure out what to get them. Considering that expecting a baby happens to be a momentous occasion, what better way to celebrate than by opting for new parent presents they’ll actually use?

With the right present, you have the opportunity to show the new parents how much you care for them and to help them out when they’re trying to adapt to a completely new and scary situation. We’re 100% positive that the new parents are going to appreciate the effort and time you’re devoting to them.

Whether you’ve been invited to a baby shower or you simply want to support a friend who’s struggling to shuffle the new responsibilities, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite new parent presents to get you started. With items that could be a big help during the baby’s newborn phase, you’ve got this.

14 new parent presents to celebrate their bundle of cuddles

New Parent Presents 14 Gifts That Are Actually Practical

1. An automatic baby rocker

New parents adore snuggling with their baby and carrying the cute little thing in their arms everywhere they go, but those arms grow tired after a while. With an automatic baby rocker, Mommy’s and Daddy’s arms can rest a little bit and they can get some work done while the baby enjoys the rocking motions.

We suggest opting for the Stokke Steps Bouncer, but you can get whatever automatic baby rocker catches your eye – they’re all based on the same principle.

2. A nose unplugger

Newly born babies are so small that they’re unable to blow their own noses. Whether they’re suffering from the sniffles or trying to get some of that annoying snot out of their noses to be able to breathe, babies don’t necessarily know how to do that – and that’s why new parents need a nose unplugger.

We suggest going for an electric nose unplugger such as the FridaBaby Electric NoseFrida one because you don’t want the new parents to have to manually suck the snot out – yes, that’s a thing.

3. A food subscription box

Whether you get them a gift card from Grubhub or subscribe them to one of those food subscription boxes like Hello Fresh, you’re guaranteed to make their days (and nights!) a whole lot better. New parents don’t have the time to cook, and new mothers need healthy foods to recover faster.

What better way to show them how much you appreciate them than to surprise them with fresh meals every single day? While you might not have the time to cook for them every day you come home from work, you can easily solve that with the suggestions we brought up beforehand.

4. A coffee maker

Coffee might be the one thing that gets them going, and that’s okay. When you’re taking care of a small human who doesn’t know how to do anything without a helping hand, you need a helping hand (or a cup!), too. A coffee maker might be the best thing the new parents are going to get – and that’s on you.

We suggest opting for the Keurig K-Slim Single-Serve Coffee Maker With MultiStream Technology because it does most of the work, making the caffeine preparation process quicker and easier.

5. A baby food maker

A baby food maker might be a dream come true for most new parents. Breastfeeding or pumping might be the parents’ exclusive way of feeding, but the baby’s probably going to switch to baby food after a while, too. When that happens, a baby food maker will be the number one gadget in the family.

Without much work, you can get your hands on great (and affordable) baby food makers everywhere you go. We do, however, recommend the Babymoov Duo Meal Station Food Maker because it comes with a steamer stack for preparing food for the baby and a powerful blender for making purees.

6. A play mat for the baby

When you’re on the hunt for something a little more simple, you might want to check out the many play mats for the baby available on the market. Play mats are always a great gift for parents because they’re an easy way to keep the baby entertained, protected, and taken care of.

Babies need a soft spot to play on and that’s why parents adore cute and comfy play mats they can turn to when they’re tired of carrying the baby around. Regalo Baby Sensory Learning Play Mat might be your best bet because it’s neither hideous nor bulky – it’s perfect for parents with taste.

7. A pair of soft, comfy slippers

New Parent Presents 14 Gifts That Are Actually Practical

A pair of soft, comfy slippers can go a long way, too. Parents spend most of their time on their feet when they’re taking care of the baby. Getting up for those late-night feeds and diaper changes can be a little more enjoyable when you’re wearing a pair of slippers that make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

UGG slippers are all the rage these days and that’s why we recommend going for them. With that out of the way, though, you can buy them whichever slippers you think they’ll like more.

8. A baby monitor

Baby monitors are a must when the baby arrives. When parents put the baby to sleep, they need to be able to check on the baby without entering the room (you don’t want to wake up the poor thing, right?) With a proper baby monitor, parents can get some rest knowing that the baby’s sleeping.

Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor, for example, doesn’t require Wi-Fi and instead uses a more reliable FHSS radio connection. An affordable alternative to some of the higher-end baby monitors, the Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor deserves a spot on the baby registry.

9. Age-appropriate toys for the baby

Baby toys are always a great route to go, although we would suggest consulting with the baby’s parents before going ham on some of the brand-name toys. Age-appropriate toys for the baby might be a little hard to come by and that’s why you might need a little help from the baby’s parents.

With that out of the way, though, we suggest opting for Lalo Play Boxes which come in age groups of two months at a time, as well as a handy guidebook on how to use each toy.

10. A baby blanket

Whenever you’re searching for something budget-friendly for the new parents to enjoy, you can opt for a baby blanket. You’d be surprised at how many blankets babies need considering how many end up ruined with poop, snot, and drool. You need a cuddly blanket that’s going to keep the baby warm.

We’re huge fans of the Pottery Barn Sherpa baby blankets, but they’re definitely on the expensive side. We suggest opting for Boritar baby blankets or Burt’s Bees baby blankets which happen to be a fraction of the price – and super soft!

11. A soft, fluffy robe

We’re obsessed with new parent presents that are meant for the parents and not the baby. We’re pretty sure that most parents spend the pregnancy period getting everything they’re going to need for the baby, from strollers and cribs to baby blankets and baby gear.

What most parents don’t do, however, is think about themselves and treat themselves with a product or two. Soft, fluffy robes are great for after a shower, night feeds, or even lounging around the apartment when the baby’s asleep. So, don’t shy away from surprising the new parents with presents, too.

12. A white noise machine

White noise machines are perfect for fussy babies who need some help falling asleep. With an array of white noise machines available on the market, though, you might not know which one to opt for. We’ve got your back with everyone’s favorite Baby Shusher The Sleep Miracle.

While all white noise machines do the same thing, the Baby Shusher plays a real human voice, and it’s easy to use at home and in the car. Whichever white noise machine you decide to go with, though, make sure you check with the parents whether that’s something they’re going to need.

13. A diaper bag backpack

New Parent Presents 14 Gifts That Are Actually Practical

Busy parents are guaranteed to appreciate a diaper bag backpack, especially when it’s one of those with plenty of pockets that are excellent for corralling baby supplies of all kinds. Diaper bags are a must when you become a parent and that’s something you might forget to buy before the baby comes.

When you notice that the new parents didn’t have the time to buy a diaper bag backpack, that’s your cue to get one for them. Whether you opt for the Ruvalino nappy changing backpack or the Mancro diaper bag backpack, we’re sure they’re going to appreciate the thought.

14. A nursing cover

A nursing cover for the mom might not be the first thing you think of when picking out the perfect gift, but why not? New moms often struggle to breastfeed without the cover because they’re unsure of how everyone’s going to react. A nursing cover can help them feel more comfortable.

We adore the Bamboobies nursing cover, but we’re pretty sure you’re going to find a nursing cover at every baby store ever.

New Parent Presents: 14 Gifts That Are Actually Practical