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Postnatal Hamper: Gift Box Ideas For A New Mom

Postnatal Hamper: Gift Box Ideas For A New Mom

A postnatal hamper is probably the most adorable thing that you can give the new mom in your life. They contain loads of little things that are just as cute as much as they’re useful for the new mom and the newborn baby.

Of course, there are so many expenses that the new parents have that it would be great to put together a hamper of things that they’ll need. It’ll put a smile on the mom’s face because someone thought about her needs during this difficult yet joyous time.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what you can put into a postnatal hamper. You want to find things that are right for this occasion, but you may not know where to go from here. That’s why we have a wonderful collection of ideas for you, and we’re ready to share the little tips and tricks when it comes to putting together a little gift box!

8 steps to put together the perfect postnatal hamper

Postnatal Hamper Gift Box Ideas For A New Mom

1. Choose a color pallet

When you’re putting together a postnatal hamper, you’re not obligated to stick to a couple of colors. However, it will be more aesthetically pleasing, and it can make it easier to choose the products you want to put into your box.

For example, you can always make sure to follow the upcoming holiday. If Christmas is around the corner, then the dark shades of red and green would be perfect. On the other hand, you can also consider getting a hamper according to the gender of the baby.

There are many things that you can consider when you’re choosing your color pallet for this, but keep it simple. Now, it’s quite popular to use neutral colors like white, beige, light purple, and something like that. It would be easier to find things once you have this figured out so that you don’t lose yourself in all those options.

2. Natural hygiene products

As you know, babies are extremely sensitive and vulnerable to chemicals and any products that aren’t natural. This is why you’ll have to do extensive research about what products are good for babies!

You can even ask the new mother what she would like to use for her baby so that you don’t get something that she doesn’t like or won’t use. If you get her something like that, then she may throw it away, which isn’t the goal of a postnatal hamper at all!

I would also recommend getting natural hygiene products for the mother, as well. Natural products usually have a very simple, yet very beautiful packaging that you can incorporate into your color pallet.

I mean, women go through so many changes during their pregnancy and postpartum, that it’s important for them to take good care of themselves. That’s why I’d recommend a good shampoo, a body wash, and a thick cream for her belly. All of these things should be infused with nice essential oils so that there’s some aroma therapy involved in the whole process.

A little sidenote would also be to incorporate massage oils into the mix. I mean, the intimacy between partners is suffering right now, so if he gives her a massage it could bring them closer together.

3. Toys or books for the baby

Postnatal Hamper Gift Box Ideas For A New Mom

A postnatal hamper shouldn’t be a huge package of things, but it should be thoughtful. If you made sure to follow a certain aesthetic, then you can definitely find toys and books for the baby to follow suit.

A teddy bear or something chewy would be great options. Also, a rattle toy is the best thing for babies, as they find it to be most interesting. Rattles come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. That’s why it’s such a great gift.

However, putting a children’s book into the postnatal hamper would be an amazing addition to the gift. It’s a special bonding moment for the parents if they get to read stories to their baby before it falls asleep. This is also a timeless present, they can read it for years to their child.

Also, getting a book for the mom about raising a child, or even just an easy romance novel would be perfect to add to your postnatal hamper. She should be able to enjoy herself as well in those fleeting moments of silence.

4. Something the mom will enjoy

How well do you know the new mom? Do you know what she likes and what she would enjoy? If you know something that could make her happy then definitely add that to the box.

My recommendation would be candles, face masks, a sleeping mask, clothes, or something between those lines. Nonetheless, the best gift would definitely be adding a gift card into the mix. The gift card could be for a store so that she can go shopping, or a gift card for a massage or spa day.

During the first couple of months when the baby is born, everyone is trying to accommodate the child. Not everyone will be aware that the mom is going through a lot at this point, too! That’s why you have to add something that will make her happy and make her feel like she’s appreciated.

She also has to relax for a while because she needs to be patient with the baby. If she’s constantly exhausted, there’s no chance that she’ll have enough energy for the baby.

5. Treats

Because a postnatal hamper means that you’re bringing this to a mother of a newborn, the treats definitely won’t be for the baby. The treats that I’m talking about are for the mom. Some high-quality chocolate would be the most amazing addition to your little gift box.

Or, if she’s not a fan of chocolate, you can consider some other treats that you know that she’ll enjoy. Of course, you should consider that it has to be as healthy as possible because she doesn’t need too many calories right now, but rather nutrient-dense foods.

6. Baby clothes

A postnatal hamper isn’t perfect if you exclude baby clothes from it. Everyone loves to get clothes for their newborn because they can keep them safe and have a little reminder for the tiny being that they brought to the world.

Make sure that the clothes follow the aesthetic that you chose, but also make sure that you’re aware of the size of the baby. Don’t get clothes that are too small, because the baby will outgrow them in a matter of months.

The best thing that you could get is tiny baby shoes or even tiny gloves. Those two will be kept for decades to come, but they’ll also be something versatile that the mom can put on her baby with every outfit.

Don’t overdo it with the clothes in the hamper, as they shouldn’t be the main focus of the gift. You can gift her baby clothes in a completely different box. So, it’s important to just put something meaningful. For example, if you’re able to print out something funny on a small baby shirt, that would be amazing.

7. Something meaningful

What would be something meaningful to a new mom and her baby? Well, anything that she can use every day to remind her of this ethereal experience.

For example, you can make sure that you get matching bracelets for the mom and baby. Anything that’s matching for the new parents and the baby would be a great and meaningful present.

Also, if the mom has any specific wishes that she talked about, it’ll be meaningful to put that into your basket. You can search for presents on Etsy and find something very thoughtful for the new mom and baby.

A picture frame that contains the constellation of the moment the baby was born would be an amazing addition to this gift basket. But you need to find something that the mother would think is special!

8. Put it all together

Now that you have everything put together, you can stay putting it all into the box and decorating it how you want. I would recommend that you use something to put underneath all the things. Don’t just buy any box, but rather make sure that it’s high quality and that the new mom can use it as storage later on.

Put the filling into the box, and then start assembling your little gifts to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Once you’ve put everything together, tie it (if you can) with a pretty ribbon. You can add a meaningful little card into the mix and use your words to appreciate the magical moment the new mom has gone through.

At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts more than anything. However, the more thoughtful the present is, the happier it’ll make your friend. So, don’t hesitate to really think about it and put together something that she will remember forever.

She’ll get so many presents during this time, so make sure that yours is the one that sticks out the most! Good luck!

Postnatal Hamper: Gift Box Ideas For A New Mom