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12 Weird Pregnancy Cravings And What To Do About Them

12 Weird Pregnancy Cravings And What To Do About Them

Pickles, sauerkraut, raisins – these days your grocery list might be all over the map with sweet and salty picks. Whether you’re at the beginning of your pregnancy or nearing D-Day, you’re probably perplexed with your food preferences. What’s the tea with weird pregnancy cravings, anyway?

Some pregnancy cravings sound like something out of an extreme TV challenge. Between cheeseburgers slathered with hot fudge, pickled sandwiches, and pulled pork tacos combined with whipped cream, you don’t know whether you should eat what your heart desires or contact your doctor and see what’s up.

Whatever you decide to do, know that pregnancy cravings are completely normal. Whether you’re obsessed with the thought of stuffing your face with everything you can get your hands on or you’re trying to be the voice of reason and munch on handfuls of chocolate chips, you’re normal.

What are pregnancy cravings and when do they start? What causes pregnancy cravings? When do pregnancy cravings start? We can’t forget about the most dire question of all – what weird pregnancy cravings do you get to look forward to from now on? Read all that and more down below!

What are pregnancy cravings and when do they start?

12 Weird Pregnancy Cravings And What To Do About Them

We’ve all heard of pregnancy cravings, but do we actually know what they are? Pregnancy cravings refer to strange or ordinary food urges you get when you’re pregnant and that extend way beyond the bounds of simple hunger.

Cravings can happen at any time, but they’re known to start at the same time as food aversions. When you catch yourself frowning at the thought of eating an egg for breakfast or coming anywhere near raw chicken, you might get an urge to munch on a bag of salt and vinegar chips or a handful of chocolates.

With that out of the way, though, pregnancy cravings tend to peak during the second trimester and suddenly drop off during the third. While you might end up nibbling on french fries for the rest of your pregnancy, chances are you’re going to despise them by the end of the third trimester.

We’re all different, though.

What causes pregnancy cravings?

Wouldn’t we all like to know? We don’t know when or why pregnancy cravings happen, but we do know that they revolve around hormonal changes, cultural and psychosocial factors, nutritional deficits, and the specific ingredients in the desired foods.

We know that food aversion and food cravings happen at the same time, too, which might be the reason why you’re craving tacos with pickled onions at 8 a.m.

When you get nauseous and you don’t know what to eat because everything sounds disgusting, you focus on the foods that you think you could be able to eat without throwing up. Sometimes, you end up craving something “normal” like a bag of chips or a burger from a specific place.

Other times, though, you’re coming up with the weirdest pregnancy cravings that might make someone else vomit. But, they make you squeak with joy because you’re sure that’s the one thing that’s going to scratch the itch you’ve been dealing with the entire morning.

A specific food can signal something you’re lacking, too.

When you start craving pickles and salty treats, that might be your body’s way of telling you that you need to regulate your fluid balance. Wanting a medium-rare steak from your favorite steakhouse might mean that your body’s trying to replenish your iron levels.

With that in mind, we can’t forget about the cultural significance of food cravings, either. Studies suggest that a significant number of US women crave chocolate during pregnancy while Japanese women gravitate toward rice.

Cultural norms and media messaging around food are guaranteed to affect what you end up craving during your pregnancy. What weird pregnancy cravings do you get to look forward to, anyway?

12 weird pregnancy cravings

12 Weird Pregnancy Cravings And What To Do About Them

1. Oreos topped with pickles

Pickles seem to be a huge thing among moms-to-be. While pickles are a great option to snack on when you’re craving something sour, pairing them with Oreos might not be the most popular way to go. Worry not, though, you’re not the only one thinking of eating this monstrosity on a Sunday morning.

2. Pickles wrapped in prosciutto

Pickles, again!

Pickles wrapped in prosciutto don’t sound that bad, especially when you serve them with some sort of dip and a cheese board.

Pickles combined with different foods might become your everyday reality, and to be honest with you, pickles wrapped in prosciutto might not be the worst thing you end up munching on late at night.

3. Hot Cheetos with spicy salsa

Spicy foods are a must when you’re pregnant, right?

Whether you’re stuffing your face with chicken wings and a hot sauce of your choice or opting for Takitos, Hot Cheetos, and other capsicum snacks, you’re guaranteed to get heartburn after you’re done. Hot Cheetos combined with spicy salsa might be worth the pain, though!

4. Pickled sandwiches

Pickles, pickles, and even more pickles! When you’re growing a baby, you’re more than excused to behave in whatever way you want. Pickled sandwiches might not be your husband’s cup of tea, but you’re not about to eat chicken and rice for dinner because you’re married to a boring man.

5. Ice cream with hot sauce

Pickles might be at the top of weird pregnancy cravings, but ice cream comes a close second.

We don’t know whether you’re craving ice cream because your temperature rises when you’re pregnant or because you want something sweet at all times, but ice cream seems to be a popular option. Ice cream with hot sauce, though, might not be something you’re happy to have after you give birth to your baby.

6. Sauerkraut on pizza

Fermented foods are safe during pregnancy, but you never thought you’d be scoffing down bowls and bowls of sauerkraut with pretty much every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Who would’ve thought sauerkraut would become your pregnancy craving of choice?

Sauerkraut might not be the worst pizza topping we’ve ever heard of (pineapple on pizza, anyone?), but you might get a few odd stares when you order your weird pregnancy craving at a restaurant.

7. Hot Cheetos dipped in yogurt

Okay, that sounds delicious, right?

Dipping your tortilla chips in yogurt and yogurt-based dips was never a weird thing to do, so why are you getting yelled at by everyone at your house when you dip your Hot Cheetos in yogurt, too? Hot Cheetos might not be the healthiest food choice, but they’re completely safe during pregnancy.

Combine them with yogurt and you get a tasty snack that ticks all the boxes for you and your baby.

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8. Super tart lemonade

Oh, that’s even more delicious than Hot Cheetos dipped in yogurt, right? We’re getting a feeling that these weird pregnancy cravings aren’t that weird after all.

Whether you were a fan of lemons before you got pregnant or you discovered your lemon obsession afterward, you might feel the need to drink super tart lemonade to clench your thirst. Lemonade can help relieve nausea and vomiting during pregnancy and is generally a safe option, after all.

9. Salt and vinegar chips with ice cream

12 Weird Pregnancy Cravings And What To Do About Them

Salt and vinegar chips are crunchy, mouth-watering, and extremely enjoyable whether you’re pregnant or not. We could say the same thing about ice cream, whether you’re a fan of vanilla, chocolate, or a flavor you can’t get anywhere near you.

Combine these two, though, and you’ll start World War III within your own family. Salt and vinegar chips with ice cream might not be everyone’s idea of a fun Friday night, but you’re growing a human and you deserve to eat whatever you want.

10. Sand, straight from the beach

Now we’re getting somewhere! Going for a walk on the beach can be a great way for you to stay active during pregnancy, but you might want to steer clear of eating sand.

Sand, as inviting as it might seem at certain times, isn’t great for your or your baby’s health. We’re pretty sure you’re craving something cold and crunchy and that’s why you think you’re interested in stuffing your face with sand. We suggest opting for cereal, maybe?

11. Ice cream with beef jerky bits on top

We already touched upon the fact that pregnant women often crave meat because they’re craving more iron in their bodies. While a delicious steak with potatoes and broccoli might be a better choice for you, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a scoop of your favorite ice cream with beef jerky bits on top.

We wouldn’t go too hard on the beef jerky, though, because you want to avoid the risk of developing a bacterial infection that could be harmful to you or your baby.

12. Watermelon dipped in pickle juice

We’ve come to the end of the article with another pickle-packed recipe for you.

Watermelon and pickles might be your savior during the hot summer days when you’re struggling to breathe thanks to your growing bump. Watermelon tends to combine well with sour flavors and maybe that’s why pregnant women consider watermelon dipped in pickle juice a delicacy.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

12 Weird Pregnancy Cravings And What To Do About Them