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Diaper Caddy Essentials: 10 Must-Haves (And 6 Bonus Ones)

Diaper Caddy Essentials: 10 Must-Haves (And 6 Bonus Ones)

If during one of the endless late-night-online-I’m-so-pregnant-shopping-sprees you’ve bought yourself a diaper caddy, you might now be wondering what to actually put inside of it. What are the diaper caddy essentials?

Sometimes it’s hard to stay organized (and sane), especially when you’re a new mother who unintentionally let her house be a living mess. From a Pinterest-worthy mid-century modern home to a literal baby playroom filled with toys, baby clothes, wipes, diapers, and other thingamabobs.

In such an environment, it’s sometimes difficult to find everything you need to change your baby’s diapers. Wouldn’t it be easier if it was all stored in one place?

It definitely would! And you can achieve it with that diaper caddy you ordered a few months before. Let’s see how you can successfully organize it and make your life ten times easier.

Diaper caddy essentials: 10 must-haves

1. Diapers, of course

Diaper Caddy Essentials: 10 Must-Haves (And 6 Bonus Ones)

Whether you’re using disposable or reusable cloth, diapers are absolutely crucial for your diaper caddy.

If you’ve opted for disposable ones, you would want to add as many diapers as your baby usually uses per day. On average, babies use around 10 diapers per day, so there’s really no need to put an entire pack in your diaper caddy. You can always restock when you need to.

And, if you’re going the reusable cloth diaper route, in order to avoid clutter in your diaper caddy, add only one or two since these diapers are much bulkier and take up more space.

2. A pack of baby wipes

Whenever you’re changing your little one’s diapers, you’ll be needing a baby wipe or two (or more, for those inevitable blow-outs!) So, just like diapers, baby wipes are also among the diaper caddy essentials.

If your diaper caddy isn’t big enough, you can always opt for a smaller pack of wipes that will easily fit and not take up too much space. But, if you have enough space (which you should since baby wipes are really a must for you), a regular-sized pack will be just fine.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure not to have too many open packs of baby wipes lying around the home. These wipes tend to dry out or become less effective over time. So, in order not to avoid waste, rather stick to one open pack of baby wipes.

3. Diaper rash cream of choice

It’s no secret that babies have extremely sensitive skin and that their bottom is susceptible to diaper rash. You can notice when your little one is having some skin irritations when she starts to exhibit weird behaviors, like humping.

To treat or even prevent a rash from occurring, make sure your baby’s skin is always clean and dry. Change her diaper regularly and every time apply a small amount of a diaper rash cream that you and your baby love.

It’s good to keep this cream at hand in your diaper caddy, so you can know at any time precisely where it is, without having to frantically run around your home trying to find it.

4. Baby lotion

Another great thing to keep in your diaper caddy is a bottle of baby lotion.

Your baby’s skin can also get very dry, which can then lead to itching, chafing, and general discomfort. And a good lotion can help you deal with and possibly even prevent these ailments.

Opt for an organic baby lotion made out of natural and non-toxic ingredients since that’s always better for your baby.

5. A changing mat

A changing mat is another must when it comes to organizing your diaper caddy. It can help you make almost any surface a safe one to change your baby on, and it can also protect that same surface from getting unnecessarily messy.

Unlike a stationary changing pad and changing pad cover, a changing mat can make your life ten times easier if you’re someone who is often on the go. With one always at hand, you’ll be able to change your little one almost anywhere.

6. Some disposable diaper bags or regular plastic bags

Diaper Caddy Essentials: 10 Must-Haves (And 6 Bonus Ones)

We all know that diaper changes can get pretty messy sometimes. So it’s always a good idea to have some disposable diaper bags in your diaper caddy. But if these aren’t accessible to you, a regular plastic bag will do the trick.

This is a very good hack to implement in your daily life because diaper bags can conceal the smell of the stinky diaper with their fresh baby powder scent. All you have to do is change your baby, put the soiled diaper in a diaper bag, seal it and dispose of it in the garbage.

This is particularly useful if you’re out and about, but can come in handy while you’re in your own home, too.

7. A burp cloth

After feeding, babies need to be burped. This helps them get rid of the air that they’ve swallowed during feeding.

While burping, babies can also spit up some of the milk they’ve just drunk. So it’s good to keep a burp cloth or two to protect your clothes from getting dirty.

8. A pacifier (or two)

If you’re on board with using pacifiers, then you know how handy these little things can be. They can help soothe your baby when she’s crying or feeling agitated. A pacifier can also help your baby fall asleep, support her tongue development, and appease her suckling reflex.

So, always keep one or two pacifiers in your diaper caddy. They’re pretty small and don’t take up too much space, so it won’t be a big deal if you have more than one.

9. Change of clothes for your little one

Living with a baby can be very messy at times. Even though they don’t do much, they still manage to get themselves into various dirty situations. So, it’s not a bad idea to have an extra change of clothes at hand when your baby needs it.

10. Hand sanitizer

And lastly, a thing you can keep exclusively for yourself is a hand sanitizer.

Sometimes, after changing your baby, you won’t be able to wash your hands. And even if you do manage to, it’s good to do a little extra to ensure your hands are properly sanitized.

You can also use it to clean other things that might come in contact with your baby, so you all can stay germ-free. Just make sure you get a baby-friendly sanitizer.

A few additional things you can consider having

The abovementioned ten things are your diaper caddy essentials – things you simply MUST have. However, each baby is unique and has different needs, so you can put in your diaper caddy basically anything else that you know will be of use to your little one.

Here are additional 6 suggestions of what else you can put in your diaper caddy.

1. A swaddle

If your baby likes to be swaddled, then keeping a swaddle in your diaper caddy can be pretty useful. You can opt for Love to Dream swaddle as it is the preferred swaddling option for many parents. It keeps your baby’s hands upward and mimics her sleeping position from when she was still in the womb.

2. Nail clippers

It’s also a great idea to keep your baby’s nail clippers inside your diaper caddy. You never know when her nails need a bit of a trim, so they can truly come in handy.

It’s important to trim your baby’s nails regularly because they’re growing super fast and the last thing you want is your baby scratching herself.

3. Thermometer

Even though you can easily feel your baby’s temperature is high by simply touching her (“Mother knows best!”), it’s also a good idea to keep a thermometer in your diaper caddy just to keep things more precise.

4. Nasal aspirator

Diaper Caddy Essentials: 10 Must-Haves (And 6 Bonus Ones)

Babies don’t know to blow their little button noses, so they need their parents to help them with it. Therefore, a nasal aspirator should also have its place in your diaper caddy in case your baby is a bit congested.

There are several options on the market such as an electric, bulb, or human suction nasal aspirator. Opt for the one you and your little one are most comfortable with and always keep it at hand.

5. Gas relief drops

Babies frequently struggle with passing gas, which can cause them rather painful tummy aches. To help them cope with it, always have at hand some gas relief drops that work on the principle of breaking larger bubbles of gas into smaller ones.

You can give it directly to your baby before you feed her or mix it in with her formula.

6. Lactation cookies for you

And lastly, a little treat for you that you can add to your diaper caddy is a pack of lactation cookies. These cookies are believed to increase breast milk supply and add all the nutrients your little one needs.

By adding these cookies to your caddy, you can rest assured you’ll always be reminded to eat them whenever you’re nursing your baby or changing her diapers.