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Growling Stomach During Pregnancy: Is My Baby Okay?

Growling Stomach During Pregnancy: Is My Baby Okay?

People love to talk about how magical it is to carry your little ray of sunshine. But, how many of them talk about the changes your body goes through? It’s the things you never even thought about! I mean, did you think you’d have to deal with a growling stomach during pregnancy? I highly doubt it!

Yet, here you are reading about it. Sometimes it feels like you notice a new change every day, doesn’t it? It’s like your body always finds a way to surprise you… Is a growling stomach during pregnancy normal, or should it be a cause for concern?

I get it, momma. Even the slightest change in your body and pregnancy makes you worry for your little one. If this is your first pregnancy, then I’m sure you overanalyze every move your baby makes, every change you notice.

Let me tell you something. It’s completely normal to worry, but give yourself a break. Your body is going through a lot right now, and additional stress ain’t helping, either. Instead of spending your days worrying about every little thing, talk to your doctor.

They won’t judge you for having so many questions – and neither will I! I’m proud of you for being such a caring mom already. It’s normal to be worried about the noises your tummy makes, but I’ll give my best to answer all of your questions, and more! You’re not alone in this, mama.

Growling stomach during pregnancy: is it normal?

Growling Stomach During Pregnancy: Is My Baby Okay?

So, are these sounds coming from your belly normal, or should you continue to panic? First of all – you should never panic during your preggo days. Stress will only make whatever you’re going through even worse! Second of all – a growling stomach during pregnancy is completely normal. Don’t worry.

I mean, think about it – there’s a whole baby growing inside of you! Your tummy has to react to it somehow, right? Your hormones are going crazy, your organs are pushing around, and you’re probably eating a lot more than what you used to (absolutely no shame in that).

Let your stomach protest a little, it’s the one that’s going through the biggest changes after all. No, you’re not growing a monster baby inside, don’t worry. To help you understand this best, let’s go through different stages of the most magical period of your life.

Early pregnancy

The early days of your pregnancy are far from easy. You deal with sickness, changes in your body as you’ve never experienced before, mood swings, headaches… Hang in there, I know it gets hard.

On top of that, you can’t remember anyone talking about a growling stomach during pregnancy, yet it feels like there’s a baby gremlin living inside of you! This is pretty common in the early pregnancy days, and a lot of moms-to-be begin to worry.

One morning you wake up, and your belly looks like you’re about to pop any time now. You didn’t expect your baby to grow that fast! Think about it – has your tummy been rumbling like crazy for the last couple of days?

No, your baby didn’t grow overnight. You know your little one shouldn’t be big enough to make you look like you’re ready to give birth in a couple of weeks, yet here you are with a real bump! This might be your first pregnancy bloat, mama.

Bloating during early pregnancy is super common, and it’s one of the most hated symptoms. Your hormones are wilding, which can slow down your digestion. As a result, you deal with bloating, gas, constipation – and a growling stomach!

Late pregnancy

Ah, you thought the growling and rumbling would stop after your first trimester? Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this might be something you’ll have to deal with throughout your whole pregnancy… Sorry.

Unfortunately, a growling stomach during pregnancy is now your new normal. Your digestive system slows down so that it can give your baby enough nutrients. You’re pretty much stuck with a stomach that’s trying to adapt to all these changes.

Besides, doesn’t it feel like you’re constantly craving something to eat?! I remember when my friend was pregnant – she had to double her meals! It felt like only an hour passed after her breakfast and she was already preparing herself a snack.

The constant feeling of hunger can make your stomach incredibly loud. After all, you have two people to feed now and your body has to keep up! Listen to your hunger cues as they’re telling you what your baby needs. Just make sure your diet is balanced and not based on just fries and burgers. You might regret it pretty soon.

Your baby, just like you, needs healthy food and enough nutrients to develop properly. It’s crucial that you eat whenever you’re hungry, just be aware of what you’re feeding your bub with. I know how hard it can be to ignore your pregnancy cravings but, sometimes, you have to resist them…

What can you do to prevent a growling stomach during pregnancy

So, yes, a growling stomach during pregnancy is completely normal. Although I do understand how annoying it can be. You can’t even go to see a movie without the whole cinema hearing your stomach growl like you haven’t eaten for days. And you just had a delicious meal half an hour ago!

You sit there thinking if there’s anything that can help you. Make it a bit more…manageable? Luckily, there is a solution! You simply have to learn how to deal with your stagnant digestive system.

No more walking around feeling like a pufferfish with a baby gremlin growing inside your stomach because I’m here to help you!

1. Make your meals small and frequent

Growling Stomach During Pregnancy: Is My Baby Okay?

Listen, I get it. You’re hungry all the time. You want to eat everything in your fridge, and then some more! That might not be the best idea if you’d like to keep your stomach silent…

You might feel like a bottomless pit, momma, but that’s far from the reality! Your stomach is pretty small and now, with a new resident inside, the space inside is getting cramped. You know what could make that even worse? Overfilling it with food it can’t digest.

To reduce the feeling of being swollen and bloated like a balloon, try eating smaller meals. Okay, okay, don’t panic! I’m not saying you should starve yourself – I could never do that to you…

You’ll simply ingest smaller portions so that your tummy can digest them easily without bloating and cramping. The good thing is – you can eat as frequently as you’d like (or as your doctor recommends). You just have to give your sluggish tummy enough time to do its thing.

Help yourself out. There’s already a whole baby growing inside of you. The least you can do is assist your body a little, even if it’s by simply eating smaller portions and lighter meals. It’s one less discomfort you’ll have to deal with! Sounds good to me.

2. Choose your food wisely

I know, I know. Sometimes your cravings are so bad that you’d give your life savings for a big cheeseburger and a bag of Hot Cheetos. People love to encourage you not to think about your calorie intake during pregnancy. Live your life to the fullest! Become the couch potato your soul craved for so long!

I’ll take it upon myself to give you a bit of a reality check – sorry not sorry. Everything you eat, your little one gets, too. Educating yourself on what food you should eat is the best thing you can do for yourself and the little bub growing inside your tummy.

Talk to your doctor about a nice diet plan that will help you become the healthiest mom-to-be ever! Your diet has probably drastically changed already. Your body is going crazy. You feel hungry and like you’re about to puke at the thought of some foods – all at the same time.

Simply eating smarter might help you tame your growling stomach during pregnancy. I guarantee you’ll feel a lot better, too!

3. Snack up!

Oh, I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one, mama! I mean, who doesn’t like snacks? Especially when you’re carrying a baby who’s making you hungry 24/7. If you’d like to stop your stomach from growling – don’t leave your house without some snacks.

Carry your snack bag everywhere you go! Seriously, it’ll become your bestie and your statement piece. After some time, that snack bag will turn into a diaper bag, so you’re really training in this case.

Plan your snacks ahead. Whenever you feel that your body needs food – reach into your dear snack bag and give it what it’s screaming for. Don’t take this as a sign you should carry a whole shopping bag filled with unhealthy snacks and binge on them.

Bring some healthy ones (and some that are not so healthy) that will take you a bit longer to eat. That way, you’ll give your body some time to realize it’s full, and the growling will stop soon enough.