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150 Baby Nicknames For Stephanie That Will Melt Your Heart

150 Baby Nicknames For Stephanie That Will Melt Your Heart

When you picked out the perfect name for your baby, you might have stopped for a second to think about the nickname, too. Part of the allure of coming up with a name is also thinking of ways you can shorten it – like Maggie for Margaret or Joe for Joseph. What are baby nicknames for Stephanie, though?

More times than not, parents end up giving pet names that have nothing to do with the name of the baby. When you’re sweet-talking to your baby, for example, you might start saying stuff like “My sweet bunny!” and have Bunny be the only one she responds to.

Duchess Meghan Markle recently revealed she calls her baby Bubba – why wouldn’t you come up with a darling term of endearment for your bundle of cuddles, too? We’ve prepared quite a treat for moms who have settled on the name Stephanie – there are a bunch of baby nicknames to choose from.

What does the name Stephanie mean?

150 Baby Nicknames For Stephanie That Will Melt Your Heart

Before we dabble with nicknames, though, we want to congratulate you on picking out the perfect name for your baby. Stephanie means “crown” and we’re sure she’s going to be everyone’s favorite princess from now on! As a matter of fact, Stephanie is a popular name among royalty.

The current-day princess of Monaco embodies the name, and we can’t forget about the 11th-century queen of Navarre, either.

Not to mention that your baby Stephanie might grow up to become the next sports star such as Steffi (Stefanie) Graff, a famous writer such as Stephenie Meyer (the writer of the Twilight books), or a pop star such as Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga).

Whichever way you decide to write your baby’s name, all variations carry the same strong message of success, strength, and power. Or you can even experiment with other names that mean “crown,” like Etienne, Kayla, and Tiara.

At the end of the day, the nickname you choose for your baby doesn’t even have to be related to her name.

What to do when trying to pick out the perfect nickname for your baby Stephanie

Now, here’s the thing with nicknames.

While some parents adore the thought of shortening their baby’s name, sweet-talking to their baby, and referring to their baby by something that reminds them of her – others don’t. We’re pretty sure that some parents hate nicknames so much that they demand everyone to address the baby by her name.

But, we assume you’re not one of them considering the fact you’re on the hunt for baby nicknames for Stephanie. Whether you’re already thinking of nicknames you like or you’re completely clueless about how parents come up with them, we’ve got your back.

Right off the bat, slight changes to the name are the best way to go. Whether you shorten the name, add a few letters, or play with it to come up with a twist, everybody’s going to understand what you’re doing.

Or you can come up with a nickname that combines your baby’s name with her appearance or personality. That way you end up with something a little more meaningful than Steffie.

On top of that, you can’t go wrong with cute and catchy nicknames such as “Baby Bear” or “Bunny” that don’t have anything to do with your baby’s name. Without further ado, we present you a rundown on nicknames guaranteed to get you closer to the perfect pet name for your little one.

Baby nicknames for Stephanie

Common nicknames for Stephanie that are exactly what you’d expect them to be

Okay, what better way to pick out a nickname for your baby than to go off of her name? Whether you opt for something a little sweeter and shorter than Stephanie or fancy a bit of wordplay, you can’t go wrong with these common nicknames.

1. Stephie

2. Steph

3. Stephania

4. Steffi

5. Steffani

6. Annie

7. Ann

8. Phania

9. Fannia

10. Estefania

11. Tephanie

12. Tiphie

13. Tiffy

14. Stasha

15. Tasha

16. Fiffy

17. Steff

18. Stephen

19. Effie

20. Effanie

21. Ephanie

22. Stesha

23. Stepha

24. Steffy

25. Nana

Cute nicknames for the cutest baby Stephanie

150 Baby Nicknames For Stephanie That Will Melt Your Heart

When you’re on the hunt for a pet name for your baby, chances are you’re trying your best to describe how cute she can be – and, we all know that’s not possible. Your Stephanie is the cutest baby out of the bunch (right!?) and she deserves a nickname that’ll fit her utterly pinchable cheeks and bright blue eyes to a tee.

What do you do, then? Whether you’re wanting a nonsense nickname to have fun with when nobody’s around or a pet name that’ll stick for years to come, keep on reading.

26. Baby Stephie

27. Bubs

28. Boo Boo Steph

29. Taffie

30. Laffy Taffy

31. Honey Phany

32. Little Stephie

33. Stephie Pie

34. Honey Pie

35. Honey Boo Boo

36. Stephie Boo Boo

37. Steph Cake

38. Kiddo

39. Darling Steph

40. Lil Lady Stephanie

41. Sugar Pie

42. Pumpkin Pie

43. Steph Pie

44. Sweet Pea Stephanie

45. Sunshine

46. Princess Steph

47. Queen Steph

48. Little Fiffy

49. Sugarplum Stephie

50. Snickerdoodle Steph

Funny nicknames for Stephanie that are guaranteed to make you giggle

Toying with the thought of coming up with a funny nickname for the funniest baby you’ve ever met? You might want to be cautious.

While there’s nothing wrong with poking fun at your baby for farting the night away or falling on her bottom on a regular, you don’t want to offend her (or the rest of the family).

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite picks, but we do need to warn you to proceed with caution.

51. Step-on-me

52. Stuffy Puffy

53. Stunnedphanie

54. Staff

55. Staph

56. Epiphany

57. Stephoscope

58. Headphanie

59. Stephoney

60. Stiffy

61. Stephanator

62. Stephie Wonder

63. Sugarphanie

64. Stefartnie

65. Elliphanie

66. Stephfunny

67. Stefani Germanotta

68. Steffi Graff

69. Stephenie Meyer

70. Stepharoo

71. Stuffy Steph

72. Snuggly Steph

73. Sugarsteph

74. Stuffy Steph

75. Staph

Baby nicknames for Stephanie based on her personality

150 Baby Nicknames For Stephanie That Will Melt Your Heart

We can’t think of anything more adorable than a baby sucking her bottom lip when she’s hungry or pouting when she’s annoyed. We’re ready to bet your baby Stephie does equally cute things and, even if she doesn’t, we’re sure she’s got a personality of her own you can use to come up with the cutest nickname.

And, on the chance that you decide to do that, you can switch up the nickname the same way she switches up her mood. How fun does that sound!?

76. Chatty Steffy

77. Chatterbox

78. Troublesteph

79. Troublemaker Steph

80. Sweet Stephenie

81. Smilesteff

82. Snugglesteph

83. Sleepy Steffy

84. Sassy Steph

85. Stephbeast

86. Smiley Stephie

87. Snuggle Bug

88. Snuggle Bunny

89. Goofy Steffy

90. Goofball

91. Steffy Giggles

92. Steffy Giggle Monster

93. Drama Queen

94. Diva

95. Dimple Diva

96. Cranky Pants Steph

97. Cranky Steffy

98. Grumpy Steffy

99. Stoffifee

100. Steffeetie

Catchy nicknames for Stephanie based on her appearance

While you don’t want to comment on your daughter’s appearance when she grows up because you don’t want to mess with her self-esteem and self-love, you might want to take the chance to gush over her chubby cheeks while she’s a baby.

We suggest calling her something sweet like “Chubbykins,” but you can customize our suggestions in whichever way you prefer. Whether you want to obsess over her stubby legs, bright eyes, or pouty mouth, what are you waiting for?

101. Bed Head Steff

102. Blondie Stephie

103. Chunky Monkey

104. Chubb-chubb

105. Chubster Steff

106. Chipmunk Stephmunk

107. Chubbykins

108. Cutie Stephbaby

109. Cutie Patootie

110. Cutie Pie

111. Pumpkin Pie Steph

112. Mini Me

113. Stephminnie

114. Stephmunchkin

115. String Bean

116. Baby Bean

117. Chubby Cheeks

118. Lollipop Stephie

119. Lemon Steph

120. Sour Steph

121. Cinnamon Bun

122. Honey Stephanie Bun

123. Muffin

124. Stephanie Shortcake

125. Jigglebaby

Adorable nicknames for Stephanie that’ll make everyone “aww”

150 Baby Nicknames For Stephanie That Will Melt Your Heart

We couldn’t pass on the opportunity to offer you these terms of endearment as good standbys, on the off chance you didn’t connect with the ones already mentioned. Maybe your Stephanie’s a tough cookie to crumble. Perhaps she’s a burst of sunshine after a rainy day.

Whatever the case, we’re sure you can come up with something that reminds you of your baby. We’re rooting for you, Stephanie!

126. Stephie Bear

127. Stephie-Bee

128. Birdie Baby

129. Steph Bug

130. Baby Bug

131. Steffy Kitty

132. Stephie Wiggleworm

133. Babylicious Stephanie

134. Stephshine

135. Stephcuddles

136. Blossom Baby

137. Poppy

138. Stepoppy

139. Stefbaloo

140. Stephie Pooh

141. Snow White

142. Snow Steph

143. Tigger Effie

144. Tinkerstephie

145. Baby Blue

146. Sapphire Steph

147. Scarlet Steph

148. Emerald Effie

149. Eucalyptus Eff

150. Slugger Steph